Fable III Available May 17 — On Steam

Fable III's PC version has been dated and, surprisingly, it's going to be available via Steam.

Though the Microsoft-published game won't be a Games for Windows Live exclusive, like past Microsoft PC versions, GFWL sounds like it will be required even if you buy the game over Steam. But, if you do pre-order the GFWL version, you get Fable: The Lost Chapters for free. A Steam preorder gives you a set of steak knives the "Rebel's Weapon & Tattoo Pack."

Fable III arrives May 17, and it will have all the content from the limited collector's edition that released last year for the Xbox 360.

Meantime, that video up there enlightens you about the game's development for the PC.


    "GFWL sounds like it will be required even if you buy the game over Steam"

    So I'll need to have 2 different online distribution clients open to run the one game. That's just idiotic. Good work, Microsoft - way to give consumers less reason to buy.

    It's ridiculous to say that needing to log into GFWL will give people a reason not to buy, as most people around have a hotmail, XBox or Windows Live account by now anyway.
    It seems like a massive improvement (the difficulty was the only thing I was unsure about previously).

    I'm still getting it for sure, but GFWL... FFFFFUUUUUU :P

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