Is There More Pokémon Incoming?

If this blurry magazine scan is to be believed, then a new Pokémon game is right around the corner.

This scan is apparently from the upcoming issue of Dengeki Nintendo magazine and reads "the latest news on the newest Pokémon title".

So if this scan is the real deal, does that mean a new spin-off title or a new game in the main series? A new title in the main series still feels a little early...

Kotaku is following up with Nintendo for comment.

時の神殿/影の宮殿   5月21日発売のデンゲキニンテンドーDSでポケモン最新作発表!? [時の神殿/影の宮殿 via Siliconera]


    I think it will either be another Pokemon Ranger game or, re-makes of Red and Blue.

      "Re-makes of Red and Blue"?

      Where were you when Fire Red and Leaf Green came out?

        I'm thinking maybe a remake of ruby and sapphire for the next gen 3-ds, or a ultimate edition like the suppossed grey which will probably come to fruition.

    Couldn't it just the 'ultimate' version of white and black? Just like every other 2 versions have their super version released like 6months-1year later? Would be cool if they suped it up to be a 3ds title as well.

      I believe it's as this man says.

      Yup, possibly for the 3DS with a handful of new features.

    I'm hoping it'll be the third game in the B/W games. I'm holding out on 5th gen until then.

    it may about the new pokemon game for wii

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