It Really Is Time For The Wii 2, According To The People Who Robbed Me This Weekend

It Really Is Time For The Wii 2, According To The People Who Robbed Me This Weekend

There may be no clear winner in this generation’s console wars, but there is definitely a clear loser, at least according to the people that broke into my apartment this weekend and stole every piece of electronic equipment they could get their hands on.

Except the Wii.

Why did criminals hell-bent on stripping my entertainment centre bare of every piece of electronics bypass the little white box with the glowing blue light on it? Was it an indication of the current status of Nintendo’s console in the industry, or were the perpetrators’ hands full? Should I be thankful or offended?

My fiancée Emily and I left my home at around 3:00PM on Saturday afternoon to fetch something to eat. We had a pleasant lunch, stopped at Wal-Mart for some cleaning supplies and food to make a dish for my parents’ big Easter Sunday meal, and then headed home for a little cooking and weekend cleaning. Two and a half hours after we left we discovered that some nice people had broken into our apartment and done some heavy cleaning of their own.

My heart jumped when I noticed the sliding glass door leading into the hallway between apartment buildings was opened slightly. I felt relief when I went in through the sliding door into what will soon be a nursery for our incoming twins and saw that Emily’s computer was still sitting there on her tiny desk where we left it.

Then I turned the corner and saw the living room.

The first thing I noticed was actually my computer desk in the dining room, recently moved to make way for the babies. The computer was still there – I had been working on it so the case was removed – but the two 21 inch monitors I use for work were nowhere to be seen. Neither was my iPhone 4, which I had recently used to record a Gaming App of the Day.

Emily came running out of the bedroom to tell me the television in there was gone about the same time I turned to see my entertainment centre stripped bare.

Well, mostly bare.

They took the 42 inch Westinghouse television. They took the PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 was gone. The laptop that connected to my video capture device was gone as well. They even grabbed Emily’s laptop, which had been mostly hidden from view beneath one of the tables next to my couch. The living room was a complete mess, the entertainment centre in shambles.

And sitting there on its shelf, seemingly untouched, was my Nintendo Wii.

Did they miss it in their rush to strip my apartment bare? It doesn’t seem likely. They pulled the empty iPad box that was sitting next to it out to make sure it was empty. They discovered the hidden laptop. They even had time to lock Emily’s Pomeranian in the bathroom (incidentally where my 3DS, iPad, and an old netbook managed to escape notice).

Perhaps they’d been following the Project Cafe news and realised the Wii wouldn’t be worth all that much in a year?

Or maybe they were just worried I didn’t have any good games for the system. They stole my copy of Mortal Kombat for the Xbox 360, and DC Universe Online was in the PlayStation 3. Maybe if they had hit the eject button and noticed Donkey Kong Country Returns was in the tray I wouldn’t even have a Wii right now.

It’s a horrible situation I find myself in, but I have plenty to be thankful for. I am thankful they didn’t break in while I was out and Emily was home. I am thankful none of our pets were hurt. I’m thankful that they left me my work computer and didn’t find my spare monitor in the closet. I am thankful I am such a lazy bastard that I didn’t bother taking the 3DS, iPad, and Netbook out of the bathroom.

And yes, I am thankful I still have the Wii.

My insurance company is currently awaiting a police report to see if I can get any of my things back, though with no overt signs of forced entry, I may not have much luck in that department. With two babies on the way I can’t afford to replace them on my own, so it might be quite some time before I have access to a television set.

As soon as I do, however, I’m hooking up my Wii and playing the hell out of it. It’s feeling very unloved right now.


  • Wow, that’s terrible..
    I’ve always been tought to lock the door 🙂
    Time to get the habbit on!

    I’m sure you can live without the entertainment centre.

  • Sorry to hear, had the same thing happen 3 years ago.. Went out to do my security course come back and my house was robbed. But they did leave my TV maybe it was too heavy i dont know.. stupid f***ing junkies!!

  • That sucks, man. I’ve been robbed a few times, and had our cars broken into more.

    When I was around 12, we got robbed at night while we were all sleeping. They stole my mum’s family jewelery, and she was upset about that. I was crushed because they stole my Playstation and all my games, that I kept in a special Playstation bag.
    That hit me the most of all the times I’ve been robbed. Losing all the time invested in those games hurt.

    At least I got Metal Gear Solid out of the insurance money.

  • This is why I want deadly traps set up in my household…seriously. If it were legal to set up a gigantic spike trap right next to the door, I would. It should be mandatory – breaking and enterings would drop to almost zero. On the flip side, I would be paranoid that I wouldn’t disarm it properly every time I walk through the door…

    Mike here should consider keeping an eye on the neighbours and people in the area. Given that they were only gone 2 and a half hours, there’s a possibility that those who broke in were watching.

      • What the hell gave you this idea? Booby traps/Spring-guns etc are NOT legal at all and the property owner is liable for injuries or death.

        There’s a difference between a warning system or barbed wire, which is a deterrence…compared to a spring-loaded spike or shotgun which can seriously maim.

  • That is shocking mate, and the Wii practically fits in your pocket too!

    On a side note, your dedication to bathroom gaming is amazing. Three devices in there ready for the long haul! That is man-pressive 😉

  • Man I’m really sorry to hear that, but honestly I couldn’t help but laugh that they completely pilfered everything except the Wii.

  • We had bad news about one of our grandparents in Sydney and left in a hurry for 4 days. The doors were unlocked, open and we have 3 high-end gaming PCs, some ps3s and a … Mac… and when we came back not a damn thing was touched.

    Our quadrupedal mobile security system, aka ‘Monty’ is a fiercely protective beast and has a deep loathing for anyone who doesn’t live there, including extended relatives, friends, the lot.

    Spend what you want on security screens, cameras and locks; nothing beats a good dog.

  • There might’ve been the possibility that the wii scared them off. They probably saw it and thought not to f* with you 😉

  • I watched a video a while ago about ways to track your computers. I eventually decided on using DynDNS or dhclient to track the IP and installed a VNC server and SSHD on all of them. I believe Apple had some way to track your iOS devices by GPS, don’t suppose you used any of these?

  • Wait so what was the 3DS IPAD and Notbook doing in the bathroom? I mean I occasional take a magazine in there but this takes gaming dedication to a new level

  • Sorry to hear about that. I’ve had my fortress of solitude broken into on two occasions: both times no consoles were taken, but all my games were gone.

    Felt nothing but violation.

  • I hate thieves. Parasites upon society. Some countries deal with them in the right way… by cutting their hands off!

    • What the hell? I had the EXACT same thing happen this week! My place was broken into cause my landlord installed a dud lock on the freshly-rennovated back door. Gone was my 360. Gone was my phone, my ipod, and an iphone I was working on repairing for a friend. gone were all the 360 games bar 3 (Lost odyssey, Bioshock, and Guitar hero). But they left the PS3 games, the DJ Hero Controller (even though they took the 360 controllers right next to it) and the DS. And just like you, the Wii, right next to the TV. like, what the bejeebuz?
      Hope the iunsurance comes through for you, just as I hope for me, since we’re in entirely similar circumstances.

  • same thing happened to me just a few weeks ago – they took the ps3, both 360s, ds, psp, laptop and all my games but left the wii where it was in plain sight

  • Condolences Mike- I had a similar experience some 7 years ago with 20 PS2 (then AUS$100ea )games and 20 DVDs (then AUS$30 ea) stolen, and GameCube with games not even touched. It even had a frikking handle on the backof the console!

    Proof positive that your average junkie-slash-opportunistic robber is only in it for the resale value, not for rescuing the Princess from yet another castle. Sad times.

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