Lemmings Spotted In Melbourne

First Mario invaded Canberra, but now there are Lemmings in Melbourne? Anyone else spotted anything like this around Australia?

Thanks to Scott Bartlett for the pic


    I can't see the photo but I did see a massive ghost from pacman on the side of a fish shop and kirby on the side of a double decker bus.

      We've got bigger problems than your missing LSD... there's a bloody dragon in the kitchen.

    If the pic works and it's the right one... I live just across the road from that (Greville St, Prahran).. showed up randomly about 3/4 weeks ago. Pretty cool little bit of street art.

      Yep, it's the one from Greville St in Prahran

    What picture?

      Ugh the photo didn't upload correctly and Mark's not around to fix it!

        Just stick up a Lemmings screenshot and claim it was taken on Flinders Street...

        We all know it's a conspiracy. We're onto you.

        Why does chaos ensue everytime he leaves the office?

    No pic. Kotaku is broked. BROKED i tell you! :)




      Brilliant. And that tram just goes round in a circle too, so bouncing off a blocker is perfect.

    Seems like he did a ninja article post then disappeared into the ether!

    That's it, next week he will be tethered to his desk with a barbed chain attached to his mankini. You just can't give a Serrels any leeway...

      I'm just grateful we have you 'nd Elly to pick up the pieces - all hail our new Kotaku overlords!

      Oooooh. Marks in trouble...

    There's a Sonic spray painted near Prahran station and a pretty cool Mario somewhere along the Hurstbridge train line.

    There are a couple of these lemmings on The Wall coffee shop in Balaclava.

    im pretty sure there's a space invaders alien above one of the passage ways at UWA in the arts faculty, not to mention the science union's symbol is the triforce symbol xD

      There's space invaders all over Perth, it's kind of cool looking out for them.

    The perth Space Invaders are from Invader. Check the map here: http://www.space-invaders.com/map_perth.html

    there's some lemmings at a cafe in the wall on the corner of nelson street and carlisle street, balaclava, melbourne.
    the little fellas are falling off the edge of a window, with umbrellas deployed.

    There's a Pokemon mural next to Clifton Hill station. I don't have pictures though..

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