Mario Invades… Canberra?

It's-a-him, Mario, invading our nation's capital, of all places, as some ingenious prankster has created some very interesting art work indeed, propping what looks like a cardboard Mario on top of a suspicious pipe.


Art that really excites the public [Riotact]

Thanks to Mr Waffle for the heads up.


    This pales in to insignificance when compared to Adelaide's Commander Keen infestation.

      But their slowly disappearing :(

    that's so awesome! Hope he/she keeps it up!

    Canberra gaming FTW! :)

    Ha, I actually drove past this on the way to a job a few days ago and thought "wow, thats AWESOME"

    If only we had more stuff like this in Canberra.

    :D I'd go to Canberra just to see that!

    Creativly awesome!

    He's no longer there! *sadface*

    We worked so hard on him! WHY?!?!
    Ah well, what's next?

    George, do you want some more crazy ideas? I have plenty...

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