Max Payne 3 Features Time-Bending Plot, Classic Features

Finally, some concrete details about Rockstar Games' plans for Max Payne 3 are emerging, thanks to the latest issue of Edge magazine, which may make Max fans feel less uneasy about the change in direction for the decade-old series.

According to the cover story preview in Edge, Max Payne has left the New York City police department to focus on a career in private security, according to Scrawl's recount of the article. Max Payne 3 is reportedly set eight years after the events of the previous game, but Rockstar says it's "always playing with time in the story".

The return of Max Payne's "classic narration" will likely help make better sense of the game's time-bending plot. It appears that the comic book panel cut scenes will be swapped out for something more cinematic, with Rockstar "integrating storytelling into the gameplay itself through the use of hundreds of customised animations".

Rockstar Vancouver will also be playing with Max's 'do. He'll sport a full head of hair at some point in the game, but will lose those slicked back locks to become the bald, paunchy Max Payne we've seen in earlier previews.

Expect other well-known Max-isms to return, with bullet time gunplay, lots of shooting and bullet dodging, and Max's original voice actor (James McCaffrey) reprising his role.

Max Payne 3 will also reportedly use NaturalMotion's Euphoria technology, the same physics engine that powered Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption's animation.

More details in the latest issue of Edge magazine, due out April 12.

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Max Payne 3 detailed in latest Edge [Scrawl]


    I am unwavering in my enthusiasm for this game. Gimme.

      Damn Straight, I have always wonderd when MP would come back, some great memories from the last 2. Hopefully that gap in-between games wont hurt the series, the time seems right for this tye of charachter in games, also Duke. Anybody see the movie of Max Payne? I have avioded it because it looks pretty shitty, but I am open to watch it if it is half decent, but Marky Mark as MP? I am not sure bout that.

        Don't bother with the movie, it was crap. To my mind it reinforced everything that is wrong with how film-makers approach making movies based on games.

          I hear what you're saying... but allow me to counter with Mila Kunis.

            Boobies never outweigh shitty filmmaking. See: Transformers.

    i remember reading when they first announced mp3 back in 2009 that they weren't planning on using james mccaffrey to voice max but i'm incredibly happy they've managed to get him back, his voice is one of things i remember best about max payne.

    Aah they're bring Bullet Time back. Bugger. I was hoping they'd think of something new, evolve the series a bit.

      Are you insane? Max Payne without bullet time would be laughable! Why even call it a Max Payne game at that point?

        Not to mention this is going to be bullet time AND euphoria, together at last!

    Also, is it just me, or is there a LOT of MP3 news recently? Gearing up for a big reveal (e.g. release date??!!) or am I just getting too excited...?

    Every bit of news about this game starts to worry me more and more. I'd really like to be wrong, but I'm sadly not expecting huge things from this.

    I was 100% opposed to this game since it was announced along with the information that it had nothing to do with Sam Lake or Remedy...

    This news brings me to 95% opposed... :-P

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