Minecraft Has Already Raked In 33 Million

Responding to a question on a Reddit "ask me anything" thread, Minecraft creator Markus Persson said that his mega-popular indie brainchild has already earned $US33 million dollars in revenue from over 1.8 million paid downloads. Via [Gamasutra]


    What are the chances that when they finish the game that they will charge every one again to buy the completed version?

      None. It's been stated clearly from the outset that you can purchase the game as an alpha (not available any more) or beta at a discounted price and get the full game when it is finished too.


    If you bought in Alpha you are also entitled to all the future updates for free.

    Beta will get the final version free, but some DLC will have to be bought (from my understanding, this was a major change between buying alpha and buying beta)

    Expansions regardless of when you purchase minecraft will cost you. But I think it might be around 18 months before we see any of them.

      Notch on his blog said that he doesn't plan to charge for any sort of DLC and he just took that line out for "legal reasons"

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