No Gran Turismo Fan Should Be Caught Without The Real Driving Simulator Clothing

Now you can stay warm during those chilly nights filled with gruelling licence tests thanks to brand-new Gran Turismo-inspired fashions. The Gran Turismo Boutique is now open for business, selling tasteful, lightly branded tops for the clothes horse with a passion for horsepower.

On offer are track jackets, windbreakers and shirts, all officially licensed by Sony and all rather reasonable. Prices range from $US24 for a Gran Turismo t-shirt to $US199 for the video game inspired Endurance Jacket.

It's a big week for video game fashionistas, as Konami also announced its plans to release Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker-inspired clothing. Both lines come from the Musterbrand group, an outfit we expect to hear more from time to time.

Gran Turismo Boutique [Gran Turismo]


    I saw the local story last night but didn't comment, but I actually do like the look of those jackets and certainly interested in one.

    Quite nice looking stuff, I'd buy one of those jackets. If it didn't have a stupid Gran Turismo logo on it.......

    nice jackets, I'd hate to see how much they would cost though.

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