Step One: Move To LA. Step Two: Re-Think Video Game Collection

We've seen some great gaming set-ups on Kotaku in the past: Brian Crecente's High-Def Game Room, galleries of game developer's game rooms, and even pictures submitted by you guys, which included some of the most awesomely bad setups I've ever seen. Almost as bad as when my friend Drew made his own entertainment centre out of four cinderblocks and a piece of rotted plywood. I surround myself with classy people.

However big or small, every gamer has a collection, and every gamer has a set-up.

But say you had to take your entire collection and move it to a new location. What would you change about your set-up? What would stay the same? What would you get rid of? Time to reassess the situation!

That's exactly what I'm going through. I just moved from my favourite city of Portland, Oregon to sunny (read: hot as hell) Los Angeles, and I have some time to think about a brand new arrangement. As I explained in the video, I wasn't able to transport my entire game collection to California the first trip. Now I'm surviving with just a well-loved DS Lite (that means I've dropped it a lot) and an original Xbox 360, which currently sounds like a malfunctioning hovercraft.

Thank Thor I don't have to get rid of my games and systems; I'll eventually transport them down to SoCal to enjoy the smog with me – but not without trimming some fat. The games and memorabilia I've collected are a reflection of my personality, and the move gives me a chance to reevaluate what I should ditch and what should take centre stage.

I'll be keeping my "Tower of Power" just the same because there is something beautiful about having my Wii, 360, and PS3 all stacked on top of one another, each on its own private shelf. But what about the hundreds of posters I've collected, my Zelda cardboard cutout that I may or may not kiss before I sleep each night, and the fact that I've somehow acquired three PS2s? Where will it all go?!

(On a side note, does anyone need a PS2?)

Lisa's Gaming Room: Portland

My game room in Portland is about five more pieces of expo swag away from being an episode of Hoarders. I'm a collector, sure, but I've turned into a lazy collector. I'll keep just about anything game-related – even the roll of No More Heroes 2 toilet paper I stole from a bathroom at PAX 2009. (Don't tell.) Getting rid of random posters and cheap figurines will thankfully help make my place look less like a toddler-run GameStop, but the real challenge will be narrowing down the games themselves.

Last I counted, I had around 550 total games, but a chunk turned out to be either shovelware or duplicates. I blame some of this on my grandma who has given me Cooking Mama three Christmases in a row because she thinks it's an instructional video. Stop trying to domesticate me, grandma!

Lisa's 5 Games On The Brink
... should she keep these non-classics?
Donkey Konga with DK Bongos - I want to call this a collector's item, but the game sucks too much.
Link's Crossbow Training - Otherwise known as ‘Fun-For-An-Hour'.
Devil May Cry 2 - Like Indiana Jones 4, this game never happened.
The Orange Box (360) - Heresy! I should be playing those games on Steam.
Rock Band/Guitar Hero Drums -No more banging wooden sticks against plastic at my birthday parties!
• BONUS: Original Steel Battalion Controller - I don't own it, but if I did, I would get rid of it.

The inevitable is fast approaching: which games to keep, which games to sell, trash or re-gift to unknowing relatives. In time, my nephew will learn to appreciate Aquaman.

Out of my 550 titles, I only brought six to LA. A little Fable, a little Saints Row – games to keep me runnin' around. Whatever I decide about the rest still has to wait until I can fly back to Portland and commandeer a moving van in 99-degree weather, paying five bucks a gallon for gas, with one of my friends who will likely make me listen to Bruce Springsteen. (I can't handle it; he's just so average.)

Though I'm currently separated from most of my games and shiny consoles, I meant what I said in the video. I've still found ways to keep up my gaming habits, because I'm a gamer and that's what we do. The other day, I played Solitaire. With a real deck of cards. Who does that?

Lisa's Gaming Room: Los Angeles

I've also become a master at online Pictionary and my extra free time has been spent helping my mum curb her adult A.D.D. by getting her interested in different DS titles. See? Being away from my multitude of games has made me a little less selfish.

If anyone has any suggestions for my new game set-up, or would like to invite me to any secret underground Los Angeles gamer clubs that may exist, please find me on Twitter before I get redefined as a "casual gamer." I'm starting to think I can actually win a game of Windows Hearts.

Kotaku columnist Lisa Foiles is best known as the former star of Nickelodeon's award-winning comedy show, All That. She currently works as a graphic designer and writes for her game site, Save Point. For more info, visit Lisa's official website.


    If your new to PSN, it might be worth it going the route of digital downloads for full PS3 games, so you can just sign in and re-download any purchases, rather then sending a box of physical games around the world.... Not I option I really had at launch before accumulating 50+ Discs/Cases ;D

    "are a reflection of my personality"

    Wow that's love!

    And how can I contact this person about an American PS2?

      yeah! I'd be happy to take the ps2 off your hands if you wanna ship it to aus!! I've never had a ps2!

    Mark, that's a good question to ask people. How do people game outside of games?

    I have zelda ring tones and notifications on my phone so it feels like I've found an item every time I get a message. My Mario block at work keeps the frustration level down and an aperture science mug keeps the coffee flowing.

    A few weeks ago I went to some tourist caves and all I could think of was where to put my minecraft torches since it was so dark and a creeper was bound to be lurking in the shadows.

    While completely disagreeing with wanting to ditch Donkey Konga (Hell, even the other games if only for padding out the collection a little), I can respect they may not be everyone's cup of tea.

    ... But to even suggest the idea that if one owned a Steel Battalion controller, one would get rid of it? That's pure heresy!!


    I just relocated for work and we had packers come in and sort out our house. Apparently one of the packers said I had a 'Ridiculous amount of games' and he kept finding them every where.

    I'm sure she misheard and he actually said, 'Ridiculously awesome amount of games'. Seriously, does he expect me to throw out my PS1 copy of Bushido Blade even though I don't own a PS1? no way hosay!

      I still have my PS1 *because* I still have Bushido Blade and Bushido Blade 2... :)

    my game collection is out of control!

    wait, I don't do any of that.
    I don't even have a smartphone (or even a decent normal phone) or (working) handheld.
    I don't really have a gaming setup (just my ps3 and my pc next to each other)
    and I've only got like 5 ps3 games (and 1 orange box on pc)

    makes me feel like I'm not a real gamer.
    but I love games, how can I not be a gamer :(

    I'm so confused

    You're cute as a button, but this is the internet and you know the rules.

    Boobs or GTFO!

    Yeah, I'll take that PS2 off your hands... I've never actually owned a console before, but I'd be eternally grateful for one. :P
    That being said, Corvallis IS pretty much right between Portland and LA. :)

    You should really get that 360 off the floor unless you want that to die too. static electricity in the carpet can cause problems with electronic devices such as computers, game consoles,etc.
    just letting ya know!
    Cant wait for top 5 to come back!

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