Suda 51: A Fan Of Dead Space 2 (And The Smiths...)

Suda Goichi is interesting chap, mainly because he somehow manages to draw inspiration from a variety of different media, before integrating it into some of the most interesting video game designs around. His current inspirations? The Smiths (almost predictably quirky) and Dead Space 2 (strangely mainstream)!

"Well, when I played Dead Space 2 for example, I was kind of surprised," claimed Suda. "I thought, 'How could they do this?' I thought there were so many creators who are very adventurous. I think creators who take risks, create really edgy games – they get a lot of respect for that from the players."

When asked who he looked up to outside the video games industry, he turned to the world of music.

"I think someone who is revolutionary and innovative," he began, "someone you can look up to and follow their path - in the music industry, it would maybe be The Smiths, the band."

Good taste old bean. Good taste.

It's another top interview from Suda, and I totally recommend following the link to read the rest of it.

Interview: Suda 51- Japan's Riskiest Game Designer [IGN]


    No More Heroes was one of the most memorable games I ever played.

    I actually wanted to hear the characters talk when it was time to battle. I listened intently to the monologues and dialogues both before and after having Travis impale them with his beam katana.

    Couldn't say the same for NMH2 however...

    The Smiths and Dead Space?

    So he's designing a third person action game that bills itself as survival horror. You plan Isac Antagonist, and it is your mission to save all the nice doggies on the space station while preventing the smelly, unsightly darkies from stinking up your glorious motherland. Also, you mope a lot.

    F*** Morrissey.

    Issac in a space port, i know, i know it's serious.

    Gotta love Suda :D

    Is it criminal for me to say that I didn't think NMH2 was that bad as everyone claims it is.

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