The Wii Does Not Need Water Cooling

The Wii Does Not Need Water Cooling

Using water as a cooling solution for computer hardware is usually only required if you’re building a PC capable of time travel. You do not need it for the humble Nintendo Wii.

Still, with spare time on his hands modder Angel OD figured he’d rig one up anyway, building an elaborate custom case for his Nintendo console that not only made use of some fancy water-cooling, but is wall-mounted as well.

There’s a bit too much metal for my tastes, making it look more like a prop from a bad 90’s sci-fi movie than a classy Nintendo console, but on the bright side those exposed disc drive mechanics are a nice touch!

You can see plenty more pics at the build site below.

Wii – UNLimited Edition – April 2nd. FINISHED! More pictures! [bit-tech]

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