What Xbox Live System Update Testers Are Getting In The Mail

What Xbox Live System Update Testers Are Getting In The Mail

Hopes of trading in the copy of Halo: Reach Xbox 360 system update testers are getting for participating flew out the window this morning, as these lovely warning covered Reach discs began arriving on testers’ doorsteps.

Several testers have sent us pictures of the mailings this morning, as the disc-based wave of the next Xbox 360 system update testing gets underway. From what we’ve heard there are two testing groups: One that is receiving discs, and another that is strictly doing things on a downloadable basis.

Looking through the document, it seems like the system update is included on the Halo: Reach disc, which could explain the new disc format mentioned in the original testing announcement. It looks like Microsoft is testing the possibility of updating the system via games as well as the internet, much like the system already in place for Sony’s PSP.

If you didn’t get into the test, there’s no need to be green with envy. There’s no way those copies of Reach will ever see the inside of a used game store.



  • Wait, don’t they already update the system by game discs? My 360 isn’t connected to the internet and the last two games I’ve bought have made me install updates before I play them…

  • Actually, system updates have been included in games here and there over the 360’s lifespan. Bulletstorm, for one, had the most recent update.

    I personally think this has more to do with piracy.

    • They’re testing a new disc format (hence the shipped Reach discs) that supposedly allows for an extra 1Gb of space on the disc for devs.

  • Even some original Xbox games had updates on the disc.

    I figured they were still doing it, although I have the internet, so it’s hard to tell.

  • if it really is a new format that adds an extra 1Gb, that’s pretty handy. but is the DVD disc space starting to become an issue with 360 Games? besides ME2, can’t think of another multi disc game

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