What's Gabe Newell's Favourite Video Game?

Gabe Newell, who Forbes said is a name you should know, is best known as one of the founders of Valve. Valve, of course, is famous for games like sci-fi shooter Half-Life and multiplayer shooter Team Fortress. Valve makes great games!

Ever wonder what Newell's favourite games are? Well, his number one favourite title of all time is is Super Mario 64. Released in 1996 and designed by Shigeru Miyamoto, the game was a landmark title.

"I still have vivid memories of all the different levels," Newell tells website CVG. "The control is still pretty much unrivalled. It convinced me that games were art."

And Newell's second most favourite game? Why, Doom. Mario 64 might have convinced him that games were art, but Doom convinced him that games were the future of entertainment.

Feature: Gabe Newell: My 3 favourite games [CVG][Pic]


    Where's my Mario hat for TF2 then Gabe?

      Still waiting on the licensing invoice to be paied to Nintendo...

    I'm starting to think that most of the US Kotaku stories should just say "via /r/gaming" at the end.

    I remember watching an interview with Gabe and he was saying that Doom excited him enough to break the 'no games' policy at Microsoft and lugged around a huge PC to show everyone the shareware version of Doom. What a champ :]

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