The Story Of Gabe Newell, In One Minute

Brought to you by the same folks who told you everything you need to know about Uncharted in a minute and everything you need to know about Diablo in a minute, here's Gabe Newell In A Minute.

Of course it'd be impossible to sum up all of Newell's accomplishments in just 60 seconds, but this is a decent enough summary of how he wound up making Valve. And when he'll release Half-Life 3.*

*Note: Video may not actually reveal when Newell will release Half-Life 3. Kotaku is not responsible for any injuries that may have occurred due to excitement induced by our mention of Half-Life 3.


    I'm a major Valve fan, but I've got no clue who the Blonde square headed army cut wearing guy is next to GlaDos and Spy. Anyone?

      I think he is the scout from TF2, without his hat ......

    I call bullshit...... this says real and he's not eating 4 buckets of KFC at once?

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