Will We See Sony's New Tablets In Australia This Year?

Late last night, amidst all of the PSN related chaos, Sony announced the existence of two new tablets - the S1 and the S2. They're set for an Autumn release in most territories, but we've had no official word on when they'll be released in Australia.

Earlier today Gizmodo Australia asked for specifics on an Australian release date only to be told that Sony "don’t have any details as yet around an Australian release.”

We're expecting that we'll still see a similar release here. Sony Australia are most likely holding out for an official Aussie release date before talking specifics.

We hope.


    I'm sure it will get released here, and it will come with a side of "We're sorry about the data theft, here's a $1000 price tag to make up for it"

      1) Buy tablet with credit card
      2) Pretend it wasn't you, tell the bank it must've been because of the Sony data theft
      3) Sony pays for your tablet!

      Surely they would throw in something for free to apologise. Like and wrist-strap or cleaning cloth...

    Wow sony, now is not the time to announce a tablet. You have the PSN down and 18 million angry gamers.

    The real question i will we see Sony's Playstation network back up and running this year.

    I'm really interesting in this tablet. Built in remote sounds sweet. Commee on sony release it already :)

    i bet it will be at least 50% more then the listed price in US.

    terrance...so just buy it from the U.S, Hong Kong or the like.
    We get ripped off here.
    I always by gadgets 6 month early from OS.

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