Sony Doesn't Have Any Information On An Australian Release Date For The PS4. Yet.

But don't panic — that doesn't mean the PlayStation 4 won't be released in Australia at the same time as the rest of the world, it simply means there is no available information yet. Or they won't tell us. One of the two.

When we asked Sony locally about the release date the reply was simple: "[n]o territory specific details have been announced at this stage."

No-one at this stage has any real idea how much the console will cost at the moment either.

We're hoping for the best but, at the back of our minds is the initial rumour, which stated that the PS3 would be released in the US and Japan in 2013, with no mention of Europe, Australia or any other territories. It could simply be that Sony literally doesn't know yet, isn't quite sure on production, how quickly it can make and distribute the consoles. When the PS3 was released here it was released in March 2007, almost four months after the console was released in Japan and the US. Hopefully Sony won't make the same mistake twice.


    No image of the console, price or release...c'mon Sony.

      Don't worry, we're not too far from E3.

        True i guess, all i care about if is MGS5 will be a launch title...

        At E3, I hear we'll get to see the underside of the controller.

      Yeah, not impressed. I watched the whole 2 hours and all I saw was some cool games blah blah blah, social media. Did they even say if it'll have a disc drive? If it doesn't then I'm out. Come on Microsoft, amaze me.

        A discless console would be death anywhere outside North America and Japan because everyone else's internet sucks. Granted, those are are two biggest markets for the PS3, but still.

          The Internet in North America is also pretty bad. Yes they don't have access quota, but outside major cities access is terrible.

        I recon PC's will become discless long before consoles do, so no chance of that for this generation IMO. Sure, NA is getting close to PC discless, but we aren't there just yet. :)

    Sony doesn't have any information about a release date for anyone. Stream started out good enough but then started to get a bit "eh".

      I seem to remember Holiday 2013 flashing at the end for the US which is November/December?

      No it is not a release date as such but it is a release window.

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    The whole presentation was a waste of time. Might as well just of walked on stage and said yes there is a playstation 4 & here is quick look at the controller.

    To be fair though.. and as highlighted in this very same article.. Sony doesn't have (at least not announced) a release date for ANYWHERE...

    Surprises me that people are surprised by the fact that they showed nothing but a few games and the controller to be honest. You can't really expect much more than that before E3 or at least before Microsoft announce their price/design, ect... Because I recon if they made all those announcements before then, Microsoft would steal too many seats on the post-E3 hype train. lol

      Plus, it's not coming out for 9 or 10 months. They wouldn't lock themselves into a price now and just hope there's no earthquake destroying the PS4 factory/GFC v2.0 to mess with the underlying costs or the marketplace.

    So it's either A: "No available information" or B: "Sony aren't telling us yet." B presupposes that there -is- information, but that it's not available. A presupposes that whether or not the information exists, it's not available.

    Ergo, A = B. Tautology! \o/ More correctly, it's either "no information exists" or "Sony won't share their extant plans"

    Heard of hype, guys? Of course they're not going to show all their cards at once. Remember, we didn't actually "know" (although, obviously we all "knew") that PS4 was going to be the focus of this presentation. I think it showed just enough to let people know the Playstation brand is still going strong, while keeping enough to themselves to be able to make an impact at E3. We'll find out what's what soon enough. Confirmed new games in some of my favourite franchises, and from some of my favourite 1st party developers, will keep me satiated until then.

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