Assassin’s Creed Latest Tease Takes Us To Istanbul

Assassin’s Creed Latest Tease Takes Us To Istanbul

The third teaser video for Ubisoft’s next Assassin’s Creed game has been unlocked, showing the date 24.06.1459, making the building in the background the Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul, six years after it stopped being Constantinople. Unlock more via Facebook.


  • You know, I gather that people liked Brotherhood, but there comes a point when people start getting mad when you’re just stringing them along with padded out games and not giving them Assassin’s Creed 3.
    Just saying, Ubisoft.

    • Complain that there’s no “3” in the title if you want, but Brotherhood is a direct sequel to 2, and no doubt the ending will be quite important for the next game (whatever they decide to call it).

        • It offered enough gameplay and interesting ideas to honestly call itself AC3 imo, except for the story. Ezio’s story goes nowhere and is padded out for waaaay too long. But yeah, had they just made the story more interesting and less stretched it’d be a fine sequel.

        • Expansion pack?

          A Full length campaign that begins where the last game left off… Totally new city and environment… New equipment and economy… New abilities and moveset… New Assassin recruitment system… Brand new Multiplayer mode… The list goes on…

          The leap between AC and AC2 was just about as dramatic I’d say… So what makes Brotherhood less of a sequel?

          Just because it is continuing Ezio’s story and not moving on to a new ‘protagonist ancestor’ doesn’t mean this isn’t to be considered a sequel. That’s absurd.

          If you’re gonna criticize it then at least argue that it’s a bad idea to release a new AC game EVERY YEAR 😛 Cause I think that’s a much better argument.
          Let’s just hope they can keep up the quality they’ve managed so far…

        • Um, I take it that you didn’t play AC:B otherwise you would know that if you skipped Brotherhood and went straight from AC2 to the next game(be it 3 or whatever) that you would be totally lost in what is occurring in real time with Desmond. I’m pretty sure that a game that had such large plot points like that can’t be considered just an expansion.

  • Does this mean no Ezio? Someone who knows more than me about history (or remembers more about the AC story) can answer this.

  • The Date: 24.06.1459 is actually the date of Ezio’s birth, so if its set during that time period, you would most likely being playing as Giovanni Auditore, making the game a Prequel to a sequeal?

    Ubisoft wouldn’t……. would they?

  • Oh for ***** sake Ubi, stop releasing stuff about Ezio (as great a lead as he is) and his family and move on. The renaissance is old stuff now.

  • You might find it may be events seperate to Ezio but around the same time in another part of the world. Just becuase time went by between AC1 and ACII&B doesn’t mean Assassiins 3 is another time line jump. Desmond may get the last bit of “training” in this game/timeline and the modern time section will end his story arc for the franchise.
    Or maybe you are the person you unlock in brotherhood from finding the glyph’s as he was an ancestor of Desmond just like Ezio and Altair.

  • Hope the renaissance period was put to rest…no matter how good Brotherhood was, the setting became stale for me pretty quick :/

  • Constantinople (Turkish: Kostantiniyye) was still called as such in 1459, and didn’t formally change to Istanbul until the late 17th century.
    The name of Istanbul existed in Turkish long before the Ottoman conquest, but took a while before it was the official name.

  • I’d much rather a 3 in the title than another spinoff subtitle. And yes, they COULD make a game set in the same time period without Ezio, but why bother? I’m sick of the 15th century, give me another period please Ubisoft!

  • So no hope of a fuedal Japan spin off?

    Le sigh…

    I don’t care how convoluted the story needs to be to get it there but I would really like to see a fuedal Japan setting. Would suit the game to a tee!!!

    • After coming off Shogun 2, I would have to agree. Main protagonist could be a ninja in training, and be able to move through cities such as Kyoto would be great.

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