Check Out The Beautiful Art Of From Dust

I'm excited about From Dust for a couple of reasons - first off Eric Chahi, creator of Another World, is involved and, secondly, it's a gorgeous looking game that follows in the tradition of 'god games' like Populous and Black & White. This new dev diary focuses on the art of From Dust.

We're starting to see a lot of mainstream publishers focus more on digitally distributed 'indie-style' games and, personally, I love it. I've recently began playing through Ubisoft's other project Outland, developed by Housemarque, and it's great to see a major publisher supporting fresh innovative content.

I can't wait to see more of From Dust.


    I'm really intrigued by this game, it seems to have an epic sense of direction and art style.

    A god game? A GOD GAME?! A GOOOOOD GGAAAAAAMMMEEE! *foams at the mouth from joy and collapses*

    I never got a chance to play Black and White 2 (The first one was quite amazing though, despite it's faults) but I have wanted to for a while. Looks like instead I'll wait for this to come out. It looks beautiful and it'll be interesting to see how the gameplay is implemented.

    I don't even have sound on my work PC and that gave me a chill...sigh. I can't wait for this game.

    Do we have a release date Mark? Been waiting to find out and its been quite vague

    Extremely interested to see how this one shapes up.

    I'd been wondering what was going on with From Dust.

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but is this woman the same one that speaks on the Assassin's Creed menus and even in the multiplayer from Brotherhood?

    BUT this game - looking spectacular. Hope it receives the attention it most certainly deserves. This means not an upload to XBL without any sort of advertising.

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