CHiPs Is Supposed To Protect Xboxes, Not Steal Them

Back in my day the men and women of the California Highway Patrol were a shining beacon of hope, justice and racial diversity. The sort of organisation that would never have one of their own arrested for allegedly stealing an Xbox from a Target store.

Things sure have changed since 1983. Today 36-year-old California Highway Patrol Officer Shawn Hammonds is out on bail after being arrested and booked with four counts of burglary. Hammonds is suspected of stealing more than $US1,300 from a Vacaville Target location and selling the stolen merchandise via the internet.

He was arrested on Monday after store security caught him allegedly attempting to steal an Xbox 360.

Hammonds, a California Highway Patrol member for more than five years, was a member of the Protective Service Division, tasked with keeping state buildings secure. He had been on medical leave for several months leading up to his arrest.

This is a dark day for the proud officers of CHiPs. If Eric Estrada were dead he'd be rolling in his grave, and everyone would be even more upset than they already are.

CHP officer arrested after allegedly stealing Xbox [Mercury News]


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