Explore The Halls Of Asgard In Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

Just in time to help curb your child's urge to run about the house smashing things with hammers, the family-friendly free-to-play MMO Marvel Super Hero Squad Online expands into Asgard, the home of Thor in all his many forms and splendor.

I mention his many forms because this first expansion to the cutesy Marvel MMO adds not one but two new version of Thor to the playable character roster. Classic Thor is coming soon, and subscriber-exclusive Ultimate Thor is ready to insane eco-commando on anyone that as much as looks cross-eyed at a whale.

Valkyrie and Gladiator Hulk join the new Thors as they adventure through Asgard, visiting the World's Tree, plumbing the depths of the Fire Caverns, or ascending the treacherous (and seemingly Christmas-themed) Ice Cliffs.

It may be a kiddie game, but it's still bound to be better than the abysmal Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 movie tie-ins. To find out for yourself, visit HeroUp.com.


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