Grab Your Hellgate Beta Keys While They’re Hot

The closed beta test for the soon-to-be-revived Hellgate kicks off next month, and T# Entertainment has your closed beta keys. Hit up the Hellgate website to secure one for yourself and relive the horror.


  • God, I was so pumped for that game when it came out.
    Then I got my copy and after about 30 minutes, wasn’t so pumped anymore.

    It was such a great idea at the time, they could have made an amazing game. Either way, I’ll see if I can get in on the beta – maybe I’ve changed in the last few years. Probably not, but I’ll give it a go anyway.

  • If I bought the game originally do I get this for free? The original was crap… And I definitely wouldn’t pay for it again… can anyone confirm?

  • the game is now f2p
    it never died in Korea, and the finished product that they have all been playing over there is what is being released here.
    they will have micro transactions as well.

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