Here, Have Some Download Insurance

Here, Have Some Download Insurance
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In case you forget, GameStop adds it to your shopping cart. The $US3.95 download insurance is a backup copy for future digital game download. That future is a short one, because the insurance expires after 18 months.

Know the best download insurance? Steam.

What is this crap Gamestop? [Reddit via Boing Boing]


  • I saw the same thing on the THQ site when I was trying to buy RF:A off them last night. They charge $5-6, but provide the service for 2 years.

    This is for a game, that from all accounts is steamworks, so they’re never hosting it anyway…

  • This should be illegal. A License should be governed and standardised by law to mean that you have infinite downloads and access to it on any number of devices in any format you like.

    This is disgusting.

  • Wow, having a look at the image that stuff STARTS in your checkout and you have to deliberately remove it, that’s nuts.

  • What’s more hilarious are there are some PC software titles that offer ‘extended download service’ which allows you to redownload etc for 12-24 months despite the fact the latest patched versions are on the exact same website to download for free indefinately which you then unlock with your serial number. Madness.

  • Same thing happens when you buy software through Microsofts “Its not cheating” site.

    You’re offered the ‘download insurance’ as default and have to remove it.

    I almost ran into problems after formatting and the link expired with MS Office. Turns out you could just use the trial of the program and chuck in your purchased key.

    In a way its kind of good they offer the extended download period…. but bad that they just can’t let you access it later without paying extra at the start.

  • Hmmm. Can you store the game locally on a separate storage device – IE. make a backup? If yes then maybe, just maybe they could get away with this in AU. But they’d have to spell it out otherwise it would be a quick call to fair trading to sort this one out.

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