If You Think Competitive Tetris Is Boring, You Are Dead Wrong

It may not be as sexy as more modern games like StarCraft II or Modern Warfare, but venerable old Tetris still has its hardcore players, who last year got together for the Classic Tetris World Championship.

Filmmaker Adam Cornelius was there to document the whole thing, and in the process was able to put together a full-length documentary titled Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters.

The championships were held last August, with contestants forced to play, as the competition's name suggests, the "classic" NES version of the puzzler. Overseen by creator Alexey Pajitnov, over 200 players entered, with the winner (SPOILER: here) taking home $US1000 and a big-ass trophy.

What makes this documentary more interesting than some footage of people playing a decades-old game is the fact it goes beyond the tournament. Cornelius says he's looked at the entire history of competitive Tetris, from the 1990 Nintendo World Championships to the present day.

It's his second doco on Tetris, after Max-Out!, but this one looks a little slicker. You can check out its homepage at the link below.

Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters [Adam Cornelius, via GameSetWatch]


    i used to think i was pretty good at tetris until a mate of mine jumped on and smashed it. couldnt believe how fast he made those pieces fall....reckon he could have played competitively

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