'Nintendo Selects' Box Art And More Budget-Friendly Wii Details

Yesterday, Kotaku reported that Nintendo would launch a newly branded budget line of Wii software in May, re-releases of games like Super Smash Bros Brawl and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess at just $US19.99. Today, we have box art of the new "Nintendo Selects" line.

Nintendo World Report has new images of the Wii's budget conscious line-up, which appears to also include Animal Crossing: City Folk. That artwork also confirms the name "Nintendo Selects", not the previously reported "Wii Select" branding.

We also get a look at Nintendo's new Wii bundle, which includes Mario Kart Wii. Wii Sports, as previously reported, will no longer be bundled with the console and will be sold separately.

Wii Value Line Box Art Revealed [Nintendo World Report]


    Seems facetious to "Select" games from largely your own development studio :P

      They're probably the most succesful games on the system though?

    Wii sports? Doesn't everyone already have that?

      The new $150 bundle is going to include Mario Kart instead of Wii Sports.

    a) I wonder what $US 99 translates too here.
    b) Those boxes look alright, (XBOX Classics boxes look better, Sony Platinum boxes look horrible, they should really use the "Greatest Hits" boxes from the US

      Oops - I meant $19!!

        I highly doubt we'll even get the budget range, but if we do get it expext to see $50.

    I like the style.
    Reminds me of the classic nes game designs.

    Might be tempted to shell out $150 + $20 to finally play Zelda.

    Though with games, $19.95 USD equates to roughly $59.95 AUD.

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