Nintendo, Wary Of Bargain-Binned Spirit Tracks, May Give Ocarina Of Time A Small Shipment

Nintendo, Wary Of Bargain-Binned Spirit Tracks, May Give Ocarina Of Time A Small Shipment

When the DS’s The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks showed up in bargain bins four months after release, for less than the price of lunch at McDonald’s, it was rather embarrassing for Nintendo. rumour has it the 3DS’ Ocarina of Time will get a small shipment to avoid such a fate.

The comes from Sinobi blog, for whom Andriasang vouches as a good source on retail info, and it sounds plausible. rumour has it Nintendo is not allowing retailers to place orders for the game and allotments will be small, regardless of retailer size.

The small shipment may also be due to unannounced-yet-inevitable plans for a 3DS/Ocarina bundle, as plenty of buyers are waiting on that game’s June release date to go ahead and pick up the new device. Either way, for those who want to be assured of picking the game up on release day, a preorder is the way to go.


Nintendo Plans Small Shipment for Zelda 3DS — Retailer [Andriasang, thanks SecretMoblin]


  • They haven’t yet worked out the reason Spirit Tracks wasn’t as popular was because it was basically Phantom Hourglass on Grass?

  • If the make a special Green Zelda 3DS to go with it, ill be sold on holding out until then..

  • Well, I’ve already preordered – I got a poster and everything. So I guess rumours of not allowing retailers to place orders for the game are false? Unless I get a call asking for the poster back 😛

  • Phantom Hourglass was BORING. It played like a generic brand Zelda title and was very uninspiring, so I never checked out Spirit Tracks. Ocarina though, I love, and will probably buy a 3DS for the remake. Would have been nice for them to throw in Link to the Past as well. I’d also buy Majora and Wind Waker ports, both great games. Nintendo simply dropped the ball with Zelda on the DS.

  • Doubt they’d make another SKU for a Zelda-edition 3DS, the last time this happened was the gold GBA SP + Minish Cap. There were none in the DS generation, combined with the fact that the 3DS is still young and Nintendo has no trouble selling their regular versions (vs mid-product cycle sales dip)

    • there was a special edition golden ds lite, it had a triforce on it and was bundled with phantom hourglass. i doubt they’d release a new SKU just for a port tho. wouldn’t mind a metroid or advance wars themed one

  • Phantom Hourglass was woeful, but I really enjoyed spirit tracks. It restored my confidence that a Zelda title could work on DS, and now with OoT around the corner I’m ready to be inspired all over again 🙂

  • The DS zelda games were terrible, that’s why they were bargain binned. The stylus is a poor way to control a game.

    This is OoT. Nostalgia kiddies will be picking this up for the sake of playing it in 3D. I’m not so sure Nintendo thought this through…

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