Now You Can Make Your Own Portal 2 Puzzles (I Said NOW!!)

Valve is opening up Portal 2 to the community today with the beta release of the game's authoring tools - the same tools Valve uses - a chance for you to get cracking on new maps, puzzles and more.

Specifically, the Portal 2 Authoring Tools lets players make single-player and co-op multiplayer maps, character skins and models, music, sound effects—basically everything you'd need to help make our copies of the game feel fresh and regularly updated with community-made content. PC gamers can grab the tools via Steam as of right now.

More information at the official site about what's included and how to get started.

Authoring Tools Beta Release [Official Portal 2 Site]


    Curious as to how this affects PS3 gamers? We can play multiplayer cross platform so does that mean we can't make the maps on the console but we can play them? Anyone know?

      I doubt they will make that possible, which is pretty disappointing. It seems like it shouldn't be that hard to have maps made for the PC version translated across to the consoles.

      "We can play multiplayer cross platform"

      Hypothetically. I've yet to see it happen.

        I did it and was blown away but how it just worked.

        Obviously, that wasn't the reaction they were going for so they made it stop working by having PSN go down.

        i always play with people on both ps3 and pc on my ps3 you could play multiplayer cross platform

      There is no way that you would be able to use Hammer on a PS3, not with a controller at least.. then again you can still connect a USB mouse and keyboard to the PS3 cant you? In any case, I'd be seriously surprised if there were to be any form of SDK released for consoles.

      Having said that, I can say with confidence that the PS3 version would be using the the same BSP map format. Playing custom maps would be an option for sure. Only thing is, I have no idea how they would be distributed. There is the possibility that if you were to join a MP game with a PC gamer that the PS3 would automatically download the map, as Steam does on PC now, but that would only work with MP maps. Maybe Steamworks on the PS3 was built with sharing custom content in mind? A custom map browser somehow integrated with Steam accounts? I don't have a clue if it does or not as I don't have Portal 2 on PS3, and with the PSN outage I don't think anyone has had a chance to test check it out yet have they?

    I'd say the only way you could play them on console is if Valve released map packs.

    Didn't you get a free PC copy with your PS3 version anyway?

      We did, but the redemption code won't work until we link our steam account over the frickin' PSN!

        i feel your paon brother, they better have PSN back up by the weekend, because my friends all got the game on steam and i wanna play co-op >:(

    Whilst this would be freaking awesome to do, I remember trying to make a map for TF2...

    It took me about 3 hours to make a box room with barely any textures.

    I'll leave this up to the pros and hopefully they can stimulate my puzzle-itch.

      I've got a fair bit of mapping experience with TF2, and HL2:DM before that (Click my name for my portfolio site if you want to see some of my stuff).. I've been waiting for the official SDK before having a crack at Portal 2 mapping, although there has been a makeshift SDK released in the community since Portal 2 was released.

      For my mind the hardest part of Portal mapping will be the gameplay aspect. Making a chamber that is fun to play without being too hard or easy. I do like the idea of Portal 2 mapping though because the chambers are smallish compared to taking on a full TF2 map.

      I haven't really put any thought into Portal level design as yet.. I'd be happy to take on any suggestions if anyone has any ideas they might like to see realised.

      If anyone wants to look into Portal mapping some more then check out it seems to be the premiere Portal mapping site. Custom maps are likely to be released there before anywhere else.

    I wonder how long it will be before someone makes a co-op version of Portal 1 :D

      What would be the point of that? If it was beatable with 1 person, adding another wouldn't really have any real point to it. :P

        I was thinking more of a re-interpretation of the original game for two players, not just a straight port of it. :)

          It wouldn't work at all. Puzzle design for SP and Co-op are two very different beasts. You couldn't even modify the Portal 1 puzzles for co-op and keep them resembling their originals.

    Oh great. Humans are trying to steal my job, building test chambers.
    It doesn't matter, as long as I can keep testing, I'll be fine.

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