Remember This?

Alright - can you remember this classic game from one single, slightly obscured screenshot? I'm guessing you can. If you guys get the answer before I check back in, feel free to reminisce over this awesome game.


    Looks a little bit like Rainbow Island.

    Rainbow Islands. I never liked it as much as Bubble Bobble or laughed as hard when I noticed a bursting bubble said 'pon'

    Rainbow Island

    Argh! I recognise it but can't name it!

    Rainbow Islands

    Rainbow Islands!

    I remember wasting many an hour on this and Bubble Bobble back in my younger days.

    Rainbow Islands definately, just on what system...

    I'm going with the C64

    OH SNAP! I thought I was the only person that was gunna guess Rainbow Islands

    raindow island!! definately

    wait no it was mario!

    Mario the hedgehog

    Rainbow Islands.

    The story of a young Hitler scaling the insect castle thwarting all foes with the majestic rainbow stairs he shoots from his chest of truth! He collects treasures and fruits.

    of course, if its any of the Graftgold ports then it was my good friend Andrew Breybrook who was responsible. I had a pleasurable few hours reading through the huge binder that was the design doc from Tito and planing the arcade machine the Andy had as reference. :) As far as I know he still has both :)

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