Report: Forza World, Dance Central 2, Kinect Games For 'The Hardcore' At E3 2011

Microsoft may have had some of its Kinect-heavy E3 2011 showing spoiled a bit early by a Eurogamer report, which pegs "at least 10 non-sequel Kinect games" for the show, including some aimed squarely at the "hardcore" Xbox 360 crowd.

Eurogamer's unnamed sources point to reveals of Kinect Sports 2 and Dance Central 2, a pair of Kinect non-surprises that we've already heard about in some form.

In addition to a handful of sequels, less obvious Kinect experiences appear inbound, including a new title from Rare and perhaps that "original 'core' shooter" from Microsoft's new Kinect-focused studio.

Eurogamer also points to a new open world driving game, Forza World, a title that was recently hinted at in a marketing survey forwarded to Kotaku. We're just a few weeks away from all these reveals, so make sure you're well stretched for the impending Kinect for Xbox 360 flood.

Kinect: MS to "serve hardcore" at E3 [Eurogamer]


    Making these "hardcore" titles Kinect ONLY will not want me to buy Kinect, it would be a mistake to me these Kinect ONLY.
    I do not want to jump around waving my arms around like an idiot and I don't have the room.

    My real concern is that microsoft gets this big idea to have no traditional controller with the next gen consoles, because Kinect is a proven "success".

    Just because most people who buy a Kinect turn out to own only 2 or so games, does not equate sucess.
    Just like most Wii owners only have a couple of games ie Wii Sports, Wii Fit and that's about it.

    I buy 20+ games a year, why would they shut me out?

      They won't shut you out, they track attach rates and know where their butter is.
      I'd like to see some 'hardcore' titles for Kinect, even if they end up being rubbish, it is all learning about new ways to make and interact with games and interface design.
      Lessons learned now will help stop the next gen systems being crap.

    I'd have thought that Harmonix would have learned that releasing annual versions of your game only wears out the market.

    Should have tried something like Singstar instead and released one game, then set up an online distribution for paid dlc.

    I don't want to play a Kinect enabled version of Forza full stop.

      I would, the head tracking feature that was shown is a great addition! I would never give up m racing wheel setup but being able to scope the turns out during entry and exit will be a valuable inclusion!

    All I ask is that we're given the OPTION of Kinect controls, with hardcore games, but not forced to use them! Especially with Forza... I drive that thing with a steering wheel and pedals, with all the assists turned off because I want the full experience. Release a "Kinect only" version and you'll lose me completely.... I don't want to gesticulate an M3 around the Nurburgring, I want to DRIVE it!!!!

      There isn't a chance in hell that Forza 4 would be Kinect only, and unlikely that any Forza title would ever be. Options added on top could be fun, especially in Kart modes and for multiplayer shenanigans, but the guys at Turn10 aren't idiots.
      Even if I still haven't forgiven them for removing LAN play from Forza 3.

      Head tracking could be fun, especially for those of us playing on projectors.

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