Report: Rented Amazon Server Used To Launch PSN Attack

Bloomberg news reports that the hackers who carried out the attack on PlayStation Network rented a server from to do so, signing up for the service using fake information.

The account through Amazon's EC2 service has since been shut down, Bloomberg reports, quoting unnamed sources. While the FBI continues to investigate the breach, resulting in the PSN being down for 22 days now, the use of Amazon cloud computing to carry out the attack is likely to have repercussions.

In addition to concerns over cloud computing security, Amazon's probably going to be subpoenaed in an effort to trace the hackers. Law enforcement sources wouldn't say if that has taken or will take place.

PlayStation Network has been down since April 20 as Sony secures and rebuilds the service while working with law enforcement to find those who carried out the attack. Some 10 million credit card numbers were said to have been compromised in the data breach.

Amazon Server Said to Be Used in Sony Attack [Bloomberg]


    Its so nice to see article that is neither sensationalist nor full of spelling/grammatical errors. Well done Owen.

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