The PSN Attacks Have Cost Sony A Ton Of Money

The PSN Attacks Have Cost Sony A Ton Of Money

Finally putting some kind of official estimate on the damage caused by last month’s attack on the PlayStation Network, Sony has pegged the total cost to be around $US170 million.

“Based on information currently available to Sony, our currently known costs associated with the unauthorised network access are estimated to be approximately 14 billion yen in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012,” Sony said in an official earnings forecast statement.

As it stands at time of posting, that’s exactly $US171,203,043. There’s no detailed breakdown of just how those costs are spread out – how much is down to estimates on the loss of business, direct costs of fixing stuff, etc – but hey, it all contributes to the same bottom line. And that’s one painful bottom line.


  • And I remember someone saying that they were actually saving money because of that incident… I was like WHHHAT?

  • Yeah, I can’t imagine this also factors in the amount of trust they have lost from their users either, or the amount that might have moved on to xbox because of it. Not that I believe it is any more a secure system, or that this was Sony’s fault. But the fact is that consumers are fickle and if you can’t provide them the services they need, they will move on.

    This will no doubt be a mark on Sony’s record for quite some time to come.

  • remember the initial report where sony was mocking hack attacks as being only irritating to their techies? looks like they pissed someone off.

  • Remember when someone got far too arrogant?
    Who forgot how they rose to their status by respecting that gamers were adults too, and marketed to that fact?

    Whilst I don’t agree with what’s happened, and don’t want to see Sony fall, indies or devs to go under, you greedy morons had this coming.

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