The PSN Downtime Is Costing Capcom "Hundreds Of Thousands, If Not Millions" In Lost Revenue

The PSN Downtime Is Costing Capcom "Hundreds Of Thousands, If Not Millions" In Lost Revenue

What’s the PlayStation Network downtime cost you? Some time playing games? It’s cost Japanese publisher Capcom a lot more than time.

Speaking out against the hackers who have crippled Sony’s online network for over two weeks now, Capcom senior vice president Christian Svensson has written on the company’s forums “as an executive responsible for running a business, the resulting outage [is]obviously costing us hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in revenue that were planned for within our budget. These are funds we rely on to bring new games to market for our fans.”

I feel slightly more sorry for anyone involved in the latest SOCOM game, since that’s practically dead in the water thanks to this whole mess (it launched a day before the PSN was taken down), but yes, let’s not forget, other publishers are also being adversely affected not just by you not playing their games, but by not buying crap for them, either.

CAPCOM- How do you feel about the SONY Hackers? [Capcom]


  • Wasn’t Capcom the publisher that was requiring you be signed in to PSN in order to play some downloadable single player games they released?

    I wonder if this downtime has changed their mind about that practice?

    • Probably not. As much as I hate that practice (on Xbox Live Indies you have to do the same, and I just use a wired connection that I plug in and unplug whenever I want to go on the Marketplace) Capcom won’t really care – you’ve already bought their game.

      If PSN were to go down again then you can’t buy their game. Playing it is secondary to them – they’ve already got your cash.

      • I would be pretty surprised if Capcom didn’t care about post-sale customer satisfaction.

        If customers are not satisfied, they may not make further purchases from the publisher.

  • FU Capcom for crying poor…

    What about your customers that purchased your SINGLE PLAYER GAMES on PSN (eg: Final Fight & Bionic Commando 2) but can’t play them because they need a online connection?

    Oh right, certainly not you, just worry about your poor self!

    • It’s 2011, I think its reasonable to assume people have an internet connection if they have a PS3.

      • It’s 2011, I think it is reasonable to assume that no one expected a company like Sony to have to shut down their PSN for 3 weeks because of hackers and their lack of security.

      • They do have an internet connection, as they purchased the game from the store, but this is irrelevant.

        It’s unfortunate that Sony servers were hacked and PSN currently down, but what if your local ISP had cables severed by roadworks, you still can’t play those games you purchased. 2011 or not, I shouldn’t need to be online to play a game.

        Next we will be buying albums from itunes, but need to be connected to itunes for them to work!

  • Whatever they are losing from PSN being down, I expect that they are making at least that much from XBL.

    I realise that if PSN was up they would be making twice the amount of money, but I find it a little hard to sympathise with a company when they are making “millions of dollars” every two weeks.

    • i think of it this way if they were gonna buy your product they will do so when the PSN is back up.

      odds are any singleplayer games they have are gonna be well and truely done with meaning there gonna be looking for more gaming goodness. the only issue they will have is those who no longer trust PSN with their deets, which they miss regardless of whether the PSN is up or not.

      my brother has finished the SP components of so many games in the past fortnight. Hell he even started FFXIII again

    • But they’re not just taking those millions of dollars and turning it into a big Scrooge McDuck money pool to swim in, they’re taking those millions of dollars and turning it into games for us to play. The money developers lose from this could conceivably lead to delays or, worse, corners being cut to save money resulting in lower game quality. We don’t necessarily need to sympathise with them, but this could affect more than just their profits.

  • I wan’t to feel bad for CapCom… actually, no… I don’t.
    Their DRM policy on this was not only inconvienient… it was damn ignorant.

    Does anyone know if the lack of PSN has meant players cannot log into EA Servers… rendering DA:O DA:2 and ME2 unplayable?

  • I guess you can say

    *puts on sunglasses*


    That’s what they get for focusing so much on DLC fleecing.

  • Do Capcom really have such little confidence in their product, that they think consumers believe it’s not worth buying when PSN comes back up?

    Sure there is a honeymoon period for any title/content upon release, but there will be a BIG honeymoon period when this sucker comes back online. Planned strategic releasing on PSN in the last 3 weeks obviously means nothing now, and the most popular content will win when its back up.

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