This Nintendo Augmented Reality Tattoo Actually Works!

Ever wondered if a simple tattoo of Nintendo's AR cards would work with a 3DS? No, me neither. The thought has never entered my mind. It entered the mind of this guy, however, and guess what - it actually works!

Incredibly, when the 3DS camera is pointed at the tattoo - it actually works as a normal Nintendo AR card. It must have been a nerve wracking couple of seconds checking if it functioned correctly.

And ultimately, as cool as this is in practice - he still has a weird tattoo of a question mark on his wrist.

Nintendo 3DS augmented reality tattoo is awesome, real [I Heart Chaos]


    Wow, that works like shit.

    sooo, he just sits there playing with one hand? probably didnt think that through.

      That thought never ever entered my head. Good point!

      so many interpretations to that sentence.....
      here's hoping nitendo release an update to allow virtual 3D girlfriends

    woah... Dejavu... or whatever it's called

      I feel it too... they must have changed something
      *glances around nervously*

    It'd be pretty damn funny if it didn't work at all. What's wrong with a permanent marker anyway?

      Well that would be PERMANANT... duh!!!

    Its times like these you wish you had just tested it with texters first.

    Another self-inflicted contraceptive.

    Dumbass should have got it above the knee, so he could sit down and use it steadily and, more importantly, hide it.

    ...but does it work on dark skinned people?
    (Of all nations.)

    I love how you can see in the reflection he's holding the camera in his mouth.

    it probably is just drawn on there

    We did a similar thing when a mate brought his 3DS over but forgot the cards. Found an image on google, blew it up on his iPad and away we went...

    When I bought my 3DS the two kids serving me claimed te AR cards would be unreplaceable. One assistant went on to tell me there was special programming in the cards. I explained that would require a very fancy expensive camera and that it was probably just simply picture recognition but he wasn't buying it.

    I now play AR Games on A4 pages. More fun to play on the floor so it's a simpler task to move 360* around them.

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