New Ace Attorney Game In The Works For 3DS

Can I contain my excitement. Is it possible to get through this post without using a single one of Phoenix Wright's catchprases? It's hard to say. When one discovers that, yes, a new Ace Attorney game for the 3DS is in the works, it becomes difficult to contain oneself.

According to Famitsu Gyakuten Saiban 5, known as Ace Attorney 5 to us Western plebs, is currently in the works for the 3DS. And, unlike previous titles on the DS, you will actually be playing as titular main character Phoenix Wright, which makes me a happy chappy indeed. Looks like it may be some sort of reboot.

Seriously — the Ace Attorney series was one of my major reasons for getting a DS back in the day. Very excited for this one.

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    The news that you will play as phoenix is new, which makes me wonder whether it'll be set before or after apollo justice... i hope after, i really liked some of the character's in that game. in fact, i'd go out to say i enjoyed Trucy as a sidekick more then maya.

      The game is officially set one year after the events of Apollo Justice.

    Still waiting for AA vs Prof Layton :(

      No translation will be coming sadly... confirmed as a non-localised title.


    I still plan to buy a 3DS LL and import Phoenix vs Layton this year though :p


      You're harming the local Australian retailer, :-P.

        Then they can lower their prices. And also translate the game.

          I was kidding! I often import these days so I get the game in a timely manner and so I do not have the pay the Australian tax which does not seem to be going to anything that matters.

      Where are you importing your Japanese 3ds from?

        Sorry, I forgot the important fact.

        I always import the US version and I have a US 3DS.

    wow a 3DS game i might actually buy for once

    YAY! Good to know they're hard at work on it. They better localise it!


    Also... kinda sorta wish the playable character was Apollo... but thats ok

    haha poor apollo. It's not that he's a bad character, but compared to phoenix.. Storywise, it has to be after apollo, because (if I remember right) phoenix didn't take any cases until the final one that disbarred him? anyway, I'd love to see hobo phoenix as a lawyer again.

      Ssssspoiler alerrrrrt!

        *shrugs* it's discussed in the first case of AJ, and it's not connected to the first three games, so I think spoilage may vary.

      I hope Apollo is at least still around. AND TRUCY! Oh man, Trucy is the best

    Hey! When are we going to get the second Edgeworth game!?

      Never. But the first one wasn't great. It got rid of the best parts, the courtooms, and made it into one giant adventure game that was pretty flawed. You have to discover clues in order, even though you logically should be able to smell a corpse behind that rolladoor, but you have to look at a bunch of different things first, and by then you've assumed you don't have to click on that door because it didn't do anything before and there was no indication you had to do something first before it became important.

        I heard the second one improved the gameplay mechanics a lot. Still no courtroom, but you engage in a kind of logic chess in order to corner the witness into admitting their testimony is false or can't be true.

    I have yet to see the movie =/

    Everyone that's interested, check out Gematsu's article; as usual, they're on the ball - Famitsu pages have been leaked, Phoenix is looking rather debonair with that new vest of his!

    The AA community is like the only one that is so desperate to keep the franchise going.... Don't actually pirate the games unless there's no TL LOL

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