Uncharted 3’s Beta Wanders Out Of The Desert Next Month

Uncharted 3’s Beta Wanders Out Of The Desert Next Month

Beginning on June 28, certain PlayStation 3 owners will be given access to a multiplayer beta for the upcoming Uncharted 3.

Those certain users are those who picked up a preorder voucher from inFamous 2 or are PlayStation Plus subscribers. Sadly, for everyone else, the beta won’t kick off until a week later, on July 4.

It’ll run until July 13, and players will have access to nine game modes, two maps and (depending on game mode) up to ten players in the same game.

You’ll also only have four characters to choose from, but since two of those are Drake and Sully, you’ll do OK.


E3 2011: Uncharted 3 Beta Blowout [IGN]


  • Now… correct me if I am wrong, but we ALL get free Playstation Plus for a month when the store comes back correct? if so… we should all be PSplus users when June 28th rolls around… which means we should all get access to the beta, no?

      • Even so, the general population still get it a week later.

        As much as I love Uncharted, I’ll probably give it a miss. I’ve tried several betas in the past and never really enjoyed the experience in any of them. I’m happy enough to wait for the finished product… don’t really have much interest in the multiplayer side of it anyway.

        • Same, I know the point of a Beta is to find any bugs, tweak weapons, etc.

          You know the game is going to be like the ones before it, if you liked them, then you are going to like this one, so there is no need really to try a “Beta/Demo”.

          Roll on November!

          • Hear Hear! November 1st (or the 3rd in our case) can’t come soon enough!

  • i cannot wait to play that level where you start off in the trucks!

    that was my only complaint about 2, that after going through this super actiony single player, then having a still good, but bland multi-player…

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