US Senator Changes His Mind: Sony Now Doing A Great Job

You might remember Richard Blumenthal from other PSN related stories such as US Senator Demands Answers From Sony Over PlayStation Network Data Breach, but now it seems as though he's changed his tack - not only has Sony responded well to the PSN Outage, but “Sony’s response to preventing similar attacks in the future could serve as a model for other companies".

“I welcome Sony’s strong first step toward protecting millions of consumers whose personal and financial information has been compromised,” said Blumenthal. “While I continue to believe that Sony should have warned users earlier, I am pleased they are providing protective measures including an insurance policy to cover identity theft harms to consumers within a twelve-month window – but I would hope Sony would extend coverage over a longer time on a case-by-case basis if necessary.”

“Sony’s response to preventing similar attacks in the future could serve as a model for other companies facing similar criminal hacking,” Blumenthal continued. “The crime perpetrated on Sony and PlayStation Network users is part of a larger troubling trend of cybercrime, and a reminder that our laws and data security resources must keep pace with advancing technology. I look forward to working with Sony and others in the future to determine the best way forward, and continue to urge the Justice Department to pursue the criminals who attacked Sony’s information system.”

What are your views? To be perfectly honest I think it's difficult to judge Sony's response to the situation given our lack of reliable information on who did it and, more importantly, how they did it. I do, however commend Sony's honesty about the situation after it became clear that our information was compromised.

U.S. Senator pleased with Sony’s response to PSN attack [VG247]


    Maybe someone pointed out how frequently US government agencies find their online systems compromised, and the fact that multiple presidents have been censured for gathering personal data on US citizens through dubious means...

    A little campaign contribution goes a long way.

    sony just paid this f*ckin douche bag to shut his mouth for now, sonys id theft package is bullshit... big words, 'up to a million' . get the f*ck outa here , ther wont be a single cent of false transactions except for whoever sony is paying off cuz ther incompetent and throw ther money around, the whole hack was clearly a slap in the face not a robbery... all that sed... get the fucking psn up NOW SONY IF U WANA SAVE UR COMPANY

      exactly my thoughts to as i was reading that shit

      wtf? save their company? Uhhh, yep your either a idiot or a troll.

    I love how everyone just knows he was payed off, morons make assumptions and most assumptions are moronic.
    What Sony is doing is fine, theres nothing else they can do, companies get hacked and we then learn from it.
    Same as Twin Towers get attacked we respond with increased security. It's the game of life!

      Security theater, you mean.

    He got paid sony money for sure.

    So Sony, copping shit from all angles and all forms of media decided to pay off this one guy and only this one guy...

    Perhaps, his comments are simply in light of the co-operation from Sony with both statements to Congress as well as the FBI.

    Sony has announced few weeks ago how proud they were on the progress they were making and patting themselves on the back on a milestone that they have achieved.
    Now they are paying off government officials so they have to deal with more headaches.
    In this downtime, all game producers should get together and hit Sony up for loss of sales just to rub insult into there wounds.
    Instead of sitting around the table scratching there fat heads, maybe they can give us more frequent updates firstly, and maybe then, they could work out what the he'll there going to do to fix the problem quick and to keep there customers.
    The rate they're going, they will lose everything.
    Well, that's what they deserve.

    Bahaha, all these haters claiming Sony paid this senator off.

    Do you even know how much of an issue bribery is in America especially when it relates to politicians? You only have to look up wikipedia to find out that no one gets off scot-free for long.

    I guess that thought never went through you people's minds, when your typing up some anonymous hate message.


    So one of the main Senators breathing down Sony's neck suddenly changes his tune and some folk DON'T think he was paid off?

    Naive much?

      Fairly certain that donations to political campaigns from corporations are required by law to be public knowledge. So if they did donate it, you can just go get those records and show it off.

      The only other alternative is they slipped it under the table, which is illegal and is going to result in jail time.

      Also, "suddenly?" You make it sound like he was on their case one day and then all buddy-buddy the next. It's been 1-2 weeks since he made those comments, yet you're acting like it's completely impossible to be legitimately pleased at what Sony is doing, and understanding that getting hacked is just something that happens?

      Cynical much?

    I wonder how much they donated to his campaign

    Yeah, there's no way in the universe that he could of possibly investigated Sony's actions and found that while they had a rocky start handling the outage, that maybe everything else they did after was well tended to.

    If there's proof of anything, It's in the reliable subjectivity of commenters; he's a politician after all, which means he's lying. Like, ALL the time.

    And Sony obviously paying off this guy clearly makes us feel ethically violated, right? Why don't we just all get Xboxes? Yeah!

    LET'S DO IT.

    So...there's no actual end result most people here seem to be willing to accept, is there?

    If Sony did nothing - they'd get set on fire for it
    If Sony brought the PSN back up and it got hacked again - you'd be up in arms about them not fixing it properly
    If Sony offer to fund ID theft protection, give multiple forms of compenstation to people, and take the time to ensure the network is as secure as possible (and then get praised for these great actions) - then they're paying people off and doing the wrong thing

    So - what do you WANT Sony to do? Other than "Get the fucking PSN UP NOW OMG 11111eleven" (which you'd then complain about if anything at all happened to it again)?

    To the people who think he was payed of your complete morons.. His statement is completely valid and I believe most of the psn users feel the same way except the people who have no life acting like the psn being down for a month is the worst thing to happen in their life.. And what would be the point of regular updates just to tell you he same thing every day.. Shit it will be up when they have completed everything .. Do you think Sony would be casualy attending to this problem.. It probably being attended to 24/7 since the outage

    This whole psn debacle will serve credence to the power of Barack Obama to shutdown the internet whenever he wants to, no questions asked...

    They bribed him to keep his mouth shut! Typical Sony! I bet they even paid him for his campaign I wouldn't doubt it lol. Sony hurry up already and restore the PlayStation Network!

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