When Game Mags Come With Scented Panties

When Game Mags Come With Scented Panties

Purchased a computer game magazine recently? Sure, print is all moving online. But while the internet is quick, there’s one thing it cannot do: scented panties.

The June issue of Japanese bishoujo computer game rag PC Angel neo is bundled with a pair of fragrant underpants. The blue-striped panties are “fresh”, the red-striped panties are “floral” and the yellow-striped panties are “passion”.

The packaged panties are part of a promotional effort for 18-years-old-and-up PC game Kamikaze Explorer.

If you’ve ever wondered what passion smells like, it’s apparently yellow-striped panties that come with a PC game magazine.

エロゲー雑誌の付録に香りつき縞パン 「買ってクンカクンカすればいいと思うよ!」 [アキバBlog]


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