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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I'll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    Do you feel bad about shattering our dreams by accidentally putting this up before it existed? Can you live with the guilt from millions of people who clicked the link, only to find that their questions would remain unanswered?

    I kid.

    Okay proper question... Hmm...

    On a scale of one to ten, how pleased are you that Plainview made his glorious return?

    I class myself as an eleven, because that's as high as my amp goes.

    Going to E3? What's your most anticipated thing (game/console reveal) going into E3? Mine would probably be the Uncharted 3 demo. Though I am curious to see what Project Cafe turns out to be...

    First of all - part 2 of Kotaku Chronicals is up now ;)

    2nd - i am sooooooo amped for Space Marine.
    Jb has already announced a rad Collectors edition, but EB and Game have yet to announce one.
    Any word on if EB or Game will be doing one, and if so, can you find out what will be in it?

    Also - played hunted: the demon forge yet? impressions if you have? It also looks fittingly rad

      Yes! Everything this man asks must be answered! (Damn you for beating me to it :P)

        Loops - seems EB have the same Space Marine collectors edition up on their site now.

          hmm that wasn't there this morning.. so it looks as though it's the exact same thing. i'll probably still get the JB one as space marine skins are better than weapon skins

      Is there a reason behind "Chronicals"? I'm not being a Nazi, just wondering if I'm missing out on an in-joke...

        Heyyyy this is meant to be Ask Mark Stuff! :P

        nah, no in joke. Just sounded more epic. It's the chronicles of the good ship Kotaku

        Because it's the story of ChronoTrigger...

          I was referring to the spelling.
          Sydney Meat - Just nonsense that caught on.
          Kommunity - Understandable.
          Chronicals - Wasn't sure if this was just a spelling error (which is understandable; chemical, medical, etc.) or it had some origin story that I'd missed.

      Whoa, so they have. What's the deal? How come they got this without it being Announced on every gaming site forever?

      That Purity Seal looks cool :O

    Do you think COD Elite will be worthwhile enough to warrant anyone to subscribe to it? Do you think it will really work?

      I signed up to the beta.
      I'm not planning on paying for it but some of the stuff that's likely to be free appeals to me.
      Matchmaking in particular... being able to group the KotakAU people and preference them over generic 13 year olds is appealing. Also, the training stuff is something I need... pretty badly.

        I'm with you on the beta, James. Good chance to check it out, see what will work for me and what won't. The aspect that has appealled the most to me is the groups, and organising matches within the group. That would be great for playdates and such.

    OH! Another question. Apple have scheduled their WWDC conference more or less as the same time as Microsoft's E3 conference. Thoughts?

    given how the moral panic machine appears to be in full swing in regards to DoA Dimensions, will you be making an article with your thoughts on the matter?

    Why do you think Activision has declined to answer questions regarding the price of the subscription Elite package or even detailed exactly what features Elite offers for those who pay?

    I am pretty keen for Deus Ex Human Revolution, but there's this quiet, haunting feeling in the pit of my gut that it is going release and be a terrible game! =[

    Some of the latest videos they've release don't seem to look as polished as the pre-rendered ones that first dropped for the title...

    Have you played the game Mark? What are your thoughts on DE:HR?

    Just curious, what is your prefered computer Operating System (win, linux or os x) and what OS do they make you use in the office?

    Is there any news on Forza 4? And will it reinstate system-link that was gratuitously ripped from Forza3 to sate the Microsoft Live cash-cow?

    Hi Mark,

    2 questions...

    1) Do you 'do the Dew'?


    2) Is the Duke Nukem demo a multiplayer beta, or is it the single player demo that was shown at Gamescom, PAX, Eurogames et all?


    What's up with this "biggest announcement ever" from gog?

      Witcher 3 tommorow release

      My real guess is they might start selling newer stuff

    What's your favourite bad game? For example, Goldeneye: Rogue Agent got terrible reviews, but I loved it.

      That game was awesome i think the biggest issue was it had goldeneye in the name and when it wasn't the precious goldeneye from the 64 everyone had a cry.

      This might just be me looking through memory glasses but i think it looked significantly better than the goldeneye outing on the wii.(although after recently replaying the PoP(original copies not the remastered) series i remember them looking better too

    Have you heard about this?


      I was tempted to get this game already - now I might have to before crazy classification BS pulls it off the shelves.

    Am I not pretty enough?
    Is my heart too broken?
    Do I cry too much?
    Am I too outspoken?
    Don't I make you laugh?
    Should I try it harder?
    Why do you see right through me?

    Considering how cheap it is to import games from overseas, I was wondering which consoles are region locked and which ones aren't. Also, where's the best place to buy them from?

      PS3 is region free. Buy from anywhere.

      Xbox 360 games in Oz are same region as the UK. Buy from or GAME UK.

      Pretty sure the Wii is region locked. Not sure about what region though.

        I believe the game regions are Europe (Including Australia/NZ), America, Asia and Japan. Any European game can be played on an Australian console.

          Jamie is correct here.

          Wii is totally region locked,
          PAL Region (Europe + Australasia)
          NTSC/UC (North America)
          NTSC/J (Japan)
          There may be a separate asian region, I've never followed the Wii that close.

          360 can be region locked or region free
          regions are the same as Wii, but also an asian region.

          PS3 is region free, but can have compatibility issues with the PSStore. eg a North American game may not work with DLC from Australia.

          PSP is region free, no problems.

          DS is region free, no problems. DSi can have regions. 3DS has regions.

          Any game you buy from Europe will always work on a console here.

      Wii games are region locked. Some 360 games are region locked so some research would be required. All PS3 games are region free.

      As for where to buy, I usually go to Ozgameshop, or Ebay. The first two are good, Ebay obviously depends on the seller.

    Has EA come back to you about the prizes from the Crysis 2 (ask the devs) competition last year? I got your email back in Mid April (and thanks for that) but since then I haven't heard or seen anything from Electronic Arts either by phone, email or mail?

    Thanks and sorry for the continuing hassle

    DA2 or Witcher 2 - who you got? I've only played DA2 and the Witcher 1, how does the latter stand up?

      Witcher 2 hands down. Always been a fan of Bioware's games but DAII was such a disapointment. I haven't finished Witcher 2 yet but despite the number of hours I'm sinking into it, I keep coming back for more. Love exploring every little area finding side quests, loot and story elements. DAII, by the 2/3 mark I was really brain dead rushing to the ending.

        Cheers Marathon,

        DA2 is the biggest gaming disappointment I can recall. I felt compelled to finish it as a Bioware fan, but it got just punishing towards the end.

        I'm ordering the Witcher 2 as we speak. I really hoping I'm not disappointed by it. It has generally good reviews, but almost all of my go-to reviewers have given it 6's and 7's.

          Play the first Witcher game first. In my opinion the game dumps you in the middle of a crisis and doesn't give much in the way of introduction to characters and events that carry over from the first game.

          The game doesn't hold your hand and point out everything on your mini-map so use your journal and go exploring. Combat is also confusing at first and challenging at lower levels but stick with it and learn your enemies different weaknesses. (ie actually buy books on enemies)

          Hope this helps.

    Are you attending the get together this Saturday evening?

    Also, how goes the Epsipay Aximay addiction? Still clean and sober? It's been two days now since I had a soda of any description. The water at work tastes REALLY funky though. Like a badger dies in the water container. It tastes of badger death. So far, no ill effects. Both Pepsi withdrawl and dead-Badger-water wise.

    Just throwing this out there as a bit of a lame/fun question-

    I'm close to finishing Fallout New Vegas (which I might add, I've loved...but shit...I have never in my gaming life experience such a broken, bug-riddled game). Anyway, I'm feeling a bit nonplussed about the next game I should buy/play. I won't be PUMPED!(I want Bioshock Infinite!)

    So, out of these, what should it be? Bear in mind, I won't be playing co-op on any of these titles....I don't have any RL friends who like gaming, basically.

    Halo Reach
    Resident Evil 5
    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
    LA Noire
    God of War III
    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
    Demon's Souls

      *Spell check - 'want', not won't. Apologies.

      IMO - LA Noire or Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, or Halo Reach for multiplayer.

      Probably try your best to go co-op in Borderlands. That world gets a little stale on your own.

      Unless you already owned it or you can find re5 for 10 bucks I say avoid it

      Ridiculously short game. And the worst entry in he series IMO

      Jesus God, man... you don't have Demon's Souls? Get that. Not sure where you live, but if you're in Adelaide then you get get it at Shin Tokyo for $44. It's a US import version, but since there's no DLC to worry about you'll be fine.

      Arguably the best game of this generation so far IMO. It's an acquired taste - you have to put a few hours in before it really sinks its teeth into you. But once it gets hold of you it never lets go.

        I know, I know! Been meaning to have myself punished by this game for ages. I'm in Sydney actually. Even though EB doesn't list it on their website anymore, I'm pretty sure I saw it in their 'used and abused' section. Might go check it out at lunch.

    I'd go with AssCreeBro, Alien Water or Resi5, depending on what sort of game you'll enjoy more.

      Alien Water better have laser guns. ;-)

      Thanks for le tips!

        Alien Water = L.A. Noire

        It's a Kotaku Au in-joke.

          I know. Hence the wink.

    You gonna play the Duke Nukem Forever Demo???

    Have you met the new Gizmodo editor yet?
    Will you be sad Nick is leaving?
    How does it feel to jump onto something new as a journalist/news editor after being attached to one place after a few years for you personally?

    Three people stand at your door. They all have something to offer. You can only choose one.

    1. Hideo Kojima invites you to lunch for an exclusive chat about Metal Gear Solid 5.

    2. Seamus Byrne invites you to co-host Sunrise for a week while Mel & Kochie are off doing their hair or something. You both have free reign as to choice of topics and guests.

    3. Sean Connery invites you for a pint to talk about Scotland, Zardoz and sing Danny Boy.


      This is the best question ever. I'll have to think about it...

        4. Ally McCoist wants to take you to Ibrox to play for the Gers as only you have the mad ninja skillz needed to give the Bhoys the tanking they need. Shaolin Soccer style.

      I would pay all the monopoly moneys I have to see the Serrels and Seamus show!


      If Mark and Seamus have free reign to invite whoever they want, can't they invite Kojima and Connery, thus solving all of humanities crises in one fell swoop?

        shh logic shant be applied for a hypothetical

    Have you ever tried to grow a hobo beard? If no, why have you never tried to grow a hobo beard? And if yes, did your hobo beard get in the way of you eating massive hamburgers?

      Mark's Scottish, by Scottish law he'll have to grow a beard before he is 50.

        It's true...

        I was at a Burns supper the other night, apparently it even applies to the women.

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