Aussie Nintendo Store: E-gads, It’s the eShop

Aussie Nintendo Store: E-gads, It’s the eShop

Aussie Nintendo Store: E-gads, It’s the eShopWelcome back folks, after a few weeks of absolutely nothing interesting, I am back bringing you the weekly Nintendo updates. Now that Nintendo has sorted out their business, I now know the schedule for updates and well, it’s not much different. Nintendo will now update the eShop, DSiWare and WiiWare stores at the same time sometime late on Thursday Nights for Australia. Keep in mind if you have a 3DS you can now access all previous DSiWare releases and all the new ones that I list as well. Neat huh?

Let’s begin.

Nintendo eShop (3DS) Donkey Kong (Gameboy, $6.00) – Known simply as Donkey Kong by Nintendo and dubbed Donkey Kong ’94 by fans, this is arguably one of the best Gameboy games ever to hit the fair monochrome Gameboy. Take control of Mario to rescue Pauline yet again in this updated spin on the arcade and NES classic. There’s over 101 levels in this one, so unlike some other Gameboy releases so far up on the eShop, this one is worth your money.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX (Gameboy Color, $9.00) – If you’ve ever played this game before you have probably already re-downloaded it and won’t even be reading this. For everyone else, you can be assured that this isn’t watered down simply for handhelds. You’re getting a top of the line Zelda adventure here and one unlike any other. Nine dollars may seem steep but like Donkey Kong this one is packed with content. Pick it up.

Also up since the launch of the eShop has been Super Mario Land ($6) , Alleyway and Tennis ($4.50).

Remember to pick up your copy of 3D Classics ExciteBike, which is free until July 7th.

DSiWare and WiiWare Airport Mana: First Flight (200 Points on DSi, 500 Points on WiiWare) – Same game here on both system essentially, just depends on how you want to play it. The game is a simple time management game with cute little airplanes to control. On both WiiWare and DSiWare, the games have a great presentation and a charming look to it.

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  • eShop is overpriced and we don’t even have Shantae or Cave Story. We pay 50% more than America and we have less titles too.

    Woo Nintendo!

  • Link’s Awakening is my fave Zelda, prolly cos it was my first…

    Super Mario Land is a classic, I highly recomend it.

  • Yeah still feel like the prices are too steep.

    Zelda for Aus is $9, in the US its $6
    Super Mario for Aus is $6, in the US its $4
    Alleyway and Tennis for Aus is $4.50, in the US its only $3

    And its exactly the same for every game. I know its only like a couple of dollars difference, but why are we paying more? (I should mention this is my first experience with nintendo online store, so i’m not sure if this is just ‘the norm’ or something 😛 )

      • Yeah I should know by now that its just normal for australia, but it just drives me nuts 🙁

        It has stopped me from buying a lot of the games though, the only game I was really willing to spend my money on was Zelda… becasue who can honestly resist Zelda? 😛

  • Link’s Awakening DX – If you’ve ever played this game before you have probably already re-downloaded it and won’t even be reading this.

    Oh, how true.

  • Kinda disappointed by this weeks addition (never was a DK fan, DKC however…) but looking forward to the Wario Land series!

  • Some top games there – Zelda is well worth $9 and Donkey Kong is VERY WELL worth $6!

    Not owning a portable, my opinion probably doesn’t count for a lot though 🙂

  • For these games to be this expensive without being touched up or given any new features, Nintendo really don’t stand a chance against the App market.

    • Funny – I’m more likely to pay more money for a smaller number of portable games that I know are good and that I will enjoy, rather than paying a pittance for a plethora of shovelware. Nintendo are marketing to a different user base, and from all indications, it is one that is willing to pay the asking price.
      Hell, I’d have payed $15-20 for Link’s Awakening DX, despite still having my Gameboy Colour and the game cartridge sitting in a drawer at home.

  • How does the regioning system work out regarding the online store? If I ever pick up a 3DS it won’t be an Australian one – does that lock me out of the local store as well? Or is your store decided based off some kind of account?

    • If you get US 3DS it can only connect to the US store, same with the JP one. It can only connect to the Japanese one.

      Aussies are kind of lucky, we can get games (and use the online store) from Europe as well. So far with the 3DS it seems having a US and AU/EU 3DS is the way to go. Of course if we didn’t have region locking at all then hey look this wouldn’t be a problem.

      • So the store is locked to the hardware, not your actual location.

        Nintendo are so backwards when it comes to the internet, aren’t they? 🙁

    • Because then we would be less likely to run out and buy a 3DS… I told myself I would wait for the price drop. I can feel myself slipping. I don’t know how much longer I can last.

      My money is not mine. It’s Nintendo’s money. I just like to hold it for awhile.

  • Link’s Awakening is definitely worth $9. Still doesn’t sit right that I paid less for BC2 on Steam some weeks back.

  • Start putting SNES games up on there Nintendo. And how about reducing the price of some of your DS titles, Super Mario 64 is the same price as launch.. what 4-5 years ago? And your XL aswell.. $299? Nintendo you suck.

  • Nintendo are just really old-school businessmen. They’re very creative, but in terms of business and running a business it’s very traditional.
    They’re getting there though.

    And to be honest, I’m kind ok with it- Business trends are easier to pick up.

  • Awakening is cool, but still waiting for the best zelda of all time: the ironically named Oracle of Time, and it’s sister, Seasons.

    I’m a fan of the older GBC/GBA/SNES games making a come back.

  • nintendo will charge more here simply because they know you WILL pay more and you won’t dare complain, instead you will call them creative and smart businessmen.

  • I just realized that the first Pokemon game(s) were on GameBoy and therefore *Might* get released on the eShop. And if that ever happens I don’t see myself buying any future Pokemon releases ever again.
    All I need is a Pokemon Red/Blue that won’t suddenly decide my savegame is gone. That is all I need.

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