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This is the High Priest Mega-Man-God of the Greater North Kotaku Republic speaking. Anonymous Pessimist - you have served me well. You have spread the message to the people and I have seen that it is good.

If you have any idea what the hell I am talking about, then you probably spent hours of your week posting on Talk Amongst Yourselves. You're also probably a socially maladjusted human being!

But seriously - holy sweet mother of magic monkey magnets, you guys had the week of all weeks. The most epic week of all time you might say.

First a little illustration...

Every morning Elly walks into the office.

"Man," I say, "TAY is up to a million comments."

"What the hell do they talk about in there!" she says.

Now we know, thanks to Woodze, we know.

But anyway. On to the Kudos.

This week we have joint winners...

First winner is Jamie Watt for organising the the Sydney Meat. I'd like to give him a personal shout out for that as well - because I know how much work he put into the whole thing. And on that note, here is the awesome pic he put together for the event!

But if you look at the tag cloud created above, I think it's clear who the second winner of this week's Community Kudos should be. Anonymous Pessimist - in all seriousness, your contribution this week has been incredible. Congratulations. Great to have you as part of the community!

Congrats to you both.

Now we have a conundrum. The prize was to be the Sonic statue, but since Kudos has a joint winner, I have to provide another prize of equal awesomeness.

So here it is.

Jamie - you win this. The Sonic statue. Since I know how much of a Sonic fan you are.

Anonymous - you win this, a WWE All Stars Brawlstick. I hope this is a prize of equal value to the Sonic statue!

I know these prizes are a bit more valuable than what I usually give for Community Kudos. But I think you'll agree that it's been one of the biggest weeks ever, and the contribution of these two folks has been enormous.

Thanks guys, and have a great weekend. It's my four year anniversary, so I've got to rush! I have a plane to catch!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.



    *is speechless*



      Just wow. Kotaku is teh wins.

      I'd give an acceptance speech but I'd probably have to be led crying off the stage.

      Also, The WHATmeister is traveling in the pessimistmobile to the meat tomorrow... cue cunning plan to acquire sonic statue as well!

      Just need to work on the accent...

        Indeed, you do not want to see the young master cry. He becomes a blubbering mess and quite a terrible sight of mascara running from his eyes, and all this just from the end of Millenium Actress.
        Well done, sir, very well deserved.
        And of course to you too, Master Watt.

          Luckily Jeeves you are awaiting by my side with application brush to re-apply my flawless complexion.

          Then you bring me hot cocoa and make cooing noises until I feel better.

          Can you fetch me my dinner now? I'm hoping you were able to find enough sharks for it...

            Sir, you underestimate me.
            One does not practice wrestling with a pod of gun and chainsaw-wielding dolphins merely to lose a limb or two to a few sharks.

    Grats to you two!

    I feel really disappointed with myself.

    So, who's ready for the Meat? I'm about to make muffins!

      Did you say chocolate and/or caramel flavoured muffins?

      I think you did!

        Oh hey, I was rummaging around the pantry today and found triple choc muffin mix!
        We'll see if I can be bothered to make it on Sunday.

        They may well be triple choc.

        Or I may have just eaten all the batter...

    Told you guys AP would win!

    Well done guys - especially Jelly of Jamie Huh?

    Awesome prizes is awesome!!! Well done Mark!!! Super congrats to both you guys, was an awesome week, one of the funniest, if not THE funniest TAY of all time. Of all time.

    congrats to AP and the highly talented Mr Watt!
    I now have even more meat envy!!!!

    YAY! Congratulations guys, 'twas an epic week.

    And I have to say, Anonymous Pessimist, you made my week many times over by making me laugh. Thank-you!

    Good job Gentleman Jamie on the stressful Meat organisation. Shame your special guest is only Blaghman* and not me this time though. :P

    *I do love you Blaghs, it's just the Jelly talking.


    Congrats to BOTH of you - well done!

    *assuming control*

    Leader Serrels, your selections are worthy of our attention. We are evaluating their potential.

    CongratuTAYtions to them both!

    ...that seems much more lame when it's not in TAY

    congrats AP & Sir What!

    Congrats both. That stick is good. I got one.

    I've written and deleted this acceptance coment so many times it's not funny.

    I'm touched. And not in the way Uncle John does it. That's different and not good. The policeman with the doll told me so.

    To be honest, when I saw the Sonic statue and poeple mentioning that I might win it, I secretly hoped I wouldn't. Only because I feel guilty taking it. If I could, I'd saw it in two like King Soloman did with that baby. Then give a half each to Effluvium Boy and Jimu for being awesome.

    To AP, well done bro!

    If you can pull off my accent, then fair play.

    Heads up though, Already perfected that westie sydney dialect and got your fighting stick.

    No worries, eh?

    Thanks for all the love Taybies!

    Also, well done on the 4 year anniversary!

    Congrats Jamie and AP.

    Your vociferous posting ability awes me.

    Congratulations to both of you, well deserved!

    Maybe you can now practice Tekken to beat me ;)

    I'm a bit late to the party, I was out the house all day. But ah.... congrats!! If, you know... anyones around to hear it...

      I'm here to hear it!

      Not that you'll read this...

    Hey Jamie if you can't accept the sonic statue I'll be happy to do a trade I'll love to have it . .Its only limited quantities and u got the euro version too . damn Your lucky

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