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Wow. I know I say this every Friday, but this week has been absolutely insane. In terms of posts, it's all been about the R18+ debate and the awesome progress that has been made. Don't forget that we've also been running our game of the year polls, head here to check out what's been happening and cast your votes.

But anyway, on to how awesome you all are.

As I type this the Talk Amongst Yourselves post is up to a ludicrous 692 posts, and I'm convinced that, by the time I finish writing this post, we'll probably be over 700. I can't quite figure out whether it's because there are more people posting, or whether the same people are posting more - it's probably a combination of both - but I think it's bloody incredible and indicative of what an awesome, awesome community we have here.

[Wipes single tear from cheek]

It's just crazy. I almost don't want to single anyone out this week, since it's been so amazing, but we've had some nominations, so I have to!

First off there was a nomination from TadMod (who has been doing an insane job on the CheapSkate gamer stuff and helping organise the Kotaku game project, so major kudos to him). His nomination was for Thistler, for allowing access to his site to help get the project up and running.

Then we had two nominations for NotoriousR, from both Qumulys and Tristan, for handing out Steam gifts early this week! Also, I'm not too sure on the details, but if I remember correctly NotoriousR was taking part in Movember - feel free to let us know how we can donate in the comments!

Since it's been such an incredible week, I'll sort out prizes for both Thistler and NotoriousR. I sent a backlog of stuff out this week, so those that won Community Kudos in the past should be getting their prizes soon. We'll sort out something for TadMod as well.

Thanks again for an awesome week, and I'll see you all on Monday!


EDIT: I was right, after posting this article we had gone over 700 comments. The 700th comment?

"Eric, put your man bits away!" by Cartman's Mom."



    We have such a good community.


      Ours is way beater the the American/international Kotaku commuity. There's a lot of tools/trolls there.


    You both deserve it!

    Thist for being awesome and letting us use collabratory, and notoriousR for giving us Freedom Force!

    All I can say is that KotakAU has the most EPIC community on the internet!


    But... but... Capcom? :'(

      Last I heard, Mark was waiting for them to confirm something.

      I would, however, love to see all the entries in a quick post before the weekend, Mark ;) *wink wink, nudge nudge*

    I erupted in laughter upon hearing the fact that I had taken apart in Movember. The very thought of me having a mo had me laughing. Nein, it was Gobbo who did the Movember-ness.

    Thanks to Tristan and Qumulys (hope you get better!) for the nominations, thank you Serrels, for doing a wonderful job of keeping Kotaku excellent (the READY stuff is the good stuff :), and thanks to everyone in the community for just being awesome (and getting over 700 comments!). Did you need me to email you my details or something, Mark?

      Oh crap, got well confused on that one. Shoot me an email with you address and what game formats you own and we'll work something out.

        Congrats NotR!!1! Very well deserved, your always posting heaps of interesting stuff too, so bout time!! :D

        Oh, and any chance Mr. Mark to send Gobbo a signed naked photo of you?? If you look at his Mo, you'll see its got to be worth something!!!

        (Oh, and normally for some reason I confuse Gobbo with oggob, not sure how you confused Gobbo with Notorius though you silly muffin cake!!)

          Yeah I used to think Gobbo and oggob were the same person, confusing when they reply to each other though. I never know which is which.

            So glad its not just me! :D

              Perhaps we are the same person! O.o

              *cue dramatic music*

              hehehehehehe... :p

              oggob & Gobbo... it's basically the same, just backward and swapping of the "B" & "G"...

          What's this about signed naked photos?? :D

          While it's not quite NotoriousR's non-existent Moustache, you can still donate to the memory of my mo - (zomg half-naked pics!!!1~). Nice work NotoriusR and Thistler this week though :)

          oggob - hope I'm not dragging down your rep with my overly UFC- and GT-Biased posts ;)

            What rep? lol... I have none! :p

            If anything, I'm bringing you down...

      Congrats, mate. Been getting on Freedom force!

    It's over 700! *crushes scouter*

      WHAT, 700?! There's no way that could be right!

    Hahaha, "a zillion TadMod aliases" tag. That's so great.

    Excellent work, dalies and mentlegen! Our plan for world domination is one step closer!

      What can I say, I'm a trend-setter! XD

      I actually only did it to entertain myself, but then people started posting randomly, which made it INFINITELY cooler! XD

      God I love KotakAU.

    Oh and yes, most certainly congrats Notorious/thistler! Well deserved!

    w00! thanks to those guys indeed! Notr for the Freedom Force, and Thist for giving me somewhere to post all my info and tuts! well deserved guys!

    *Cough* perhaps it's time for a forum.

    Congrats to Thistler and NotoriousR.

    Congrats to everyone on Kotaku though, for being over 9000 on the awesome scale.

    I *need* that shirt!

    Ok i'm getting in late, as i predicted - what an insane day!

    Well done guys! Very well deserved as usual!

    Thanks again to Notorious for the FF game - it cheered me up while my mouth was hurting from having my wisdom teeth out :)

    Epic job this week, everyone!

      Can I pat your gums better with my tongue?? :p

    Yeah! Kotaku AU is FTW

    And you awesome folk make sure you keep Liking the FB site so Mark can get his damn lunch :P (Hope you're eating in the meantime dude!)

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