Deus Ex's Best "Trailer" Yet

Some background: a preview build of the new Deus Ex game leaked onto torrent sites last week. So people out there, in the wild, are playing the early part of the game. And they're doing a better job marketing it than Square Enix could ever hope.

Not that Square Enix has done a bad job; on the contrary, Deus Ex's campaign has been a slick one. It's just, official PR is generally reluctant to sign off on woman-punching and racial stereotypes.


    That's awesome!

    Now I want the game just to punch people.

    That fine lady is more black than the tin of paint I have in the garage


    I don't do tricks with no augs, yo:

      Oh wowwwww...

      That was the funniest moment in gaming I've seen for ages!

      Shoulder tap, she turns...BAM!

    I can see myself dedicating half an hour to punching pedestrians in the face.

    Is it wrong that I'm still laughing as I type this, even though I've not watched any more than the first 5 seconds? That is quite possibly the most amazingly unexpected and, subsequently, hilarious thing I've seen in 10 years!!!

    LOLOLOLOLOL the 1st one was brutal as!

    This shows promise.

    No extravagent fatality, stealth kill or fancy hidden blade.

    Just a good old fashioned punch in the face. Sometimes it's the most satisfying.

    Apparently this guy's version of Adam is a real hit with the ladies.

      *Wipes the tear from my eye*

    I'd just run around punching NPCs. Looks like Deus Ex is doing what Mass Effect only hinted at: Reporter-punching action!

    But goddamn if that Black Woman isn't the most stereotypically black game character I've ever seen. She out-blacks the entire cast of The Wire.

    I will punch all NPC'S in the game if possible!

    The ability to punch anyone you meet in a game is a vastly underappreciated and underprovided feature.

    The beta is so cool. What's shown in this video is when you tap the takedown button (for a punch or choking) to knock someone out. If you hold down the button you actually kill them with the blades in your arms and everyone loses their shit. Unless you kill the witnesses (read: other hobos)

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