Enjoy 20 Minutes Of Xenoblade Chronicles' Sweeping Vistas

It's a shame this is coming out now, and not in 2008, when the Wii actually needed it. Still, for what must surely be one of the last big "serious" games for the console, it looks like a great way to sign off.

Xenoblade Chronicles', from Monolith, has been out in Japan since last year. While an American version will hopefully be out later this year, Europeans will be able to get their hands on it in September.

[via Go Nintendo]


    I have to say the music is awesome and I will be buying the soundtrack when it is available.

      The soundtrack has been available in Japan for a while now. Doubt it will get a domestic release and it's not that expensive to import.

        Yeah, I thought of that after I made the comment. Might get it after I've been paid.

    They really did an amazing job with the environments.

    This is the type of game I'd love to see on the WiiU in HD.

    Yes, because the Nintendo Wii is definitely signing off despite almost always leading the weekly hardware sales charts and having almost 50% of the market share for the 3 consoles.

    These US Kotaku articles are actually getting worse, and to think they were bad enough as it was.

      ...I think they are referring to its upcoming successor Wii U taking away developers ...reducing the releases made for it, not that its dying.

    Just a wish but I would love 3 player Co-op. I would buy this game three times just so I could force my friends to play it.

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