Europe Getting Vita In 2012?

Sony has said all along that the PlayStation Vita would only begin its global launch in 2011. It never said there'd be a worldwide launch in 2011. So somebody misses out. Guess who!

VG247 reports that a 2012 European launch for Sony's new handheld is a "certainty". We're contacting Sony for comment, but if true, this is hardly surprising news.


    "Sony has said all along that the PlayStation Vita would only begin its global launch in 2011. It never said there’d be a worldwide launch in 2011."

    Main Entry: global
    Part of Speech: adjective
    Definition: worldwide, all-encompassing

    KotakuUS strikes out again!


      "BEGIN its global launch"

      that's where you fail.

        I think he was pointing out that "global" and "worldwide" are the exact same thing. Bad writing was the key, not the actual meaning.

      The key word is "begin"; as in
      begin its global launch in 2011.

    Dammit, Luke - even though you never read the AU comments, I want you to know that your stories are sh♥t.

    No source reference or link? Biased "oh I'm so clever" commentary?

    You suck, your work is terrible, and you're ruining an otherwise good site run by Mark that at least has articles of more than six sentences.

      So, so true.

      It just makes Kotaku perfect. :)

    BAH! I want in Australia for Xmas!

      thats what amazon is for unless you want the 3G version :P

    So Europe gets it in 2012, Australia will get it in 2013 then?

      No because the world ends in 2012 so Australia gets screwed again! Along with, you know, the other continents and sundry smaller land masses.

    Uh, hey Plunkett, no links or quotes?

    I'm not going to just take your word for it, mate.

    It never said NA either. It'll probably just be Japan.

    Pfft, I was always going to import this from the US anyway. Get it cheaper and ealier that way.

    eb games apparently has it listed as "2011" in there system and some uk retailers have reported a November 4th release date, while others claim the release date was December 31st and has been delayed to 4th of January.

    End result? Wait until SONY announces a release date.

    I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was using begin as the key word here, meaning it would not finish it's global/world wide launch in 2011.

    Though I am probably being generous, and regardless, it is needlessly confusing if so.

    Wouldn't importing a DD only system be pointless? Even if you use a NA account there's no reason for the servers to be up before a local release.

    inb4 Australia is expected to pay twice the price for a late and inferior product.


    the psV is meant to be region free so i dont really care

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