PlayStation Vita Won't Launch In The West Until 2012

Sony warned you this might happen. That the PlayStation Vita would only begin its global release rollout in 2011, not that it would be out everywhere in 2011. Hope you kept that in mind!

PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai has revealed today that the PlayStation Vita will only be released in Japan in 2011. It'll be out in America and Europe in 2012.

Sony portable not ready by Christmas in US, Europe [AP]


    Booooo! Was hoping for a christmas release.. oh well lets hope the 3DS can hold a little more value for a trade in once the PSV makes it down under.

    You could at least rip their article in full and pretend to care enough to put detail in, Luke...

    I'm surprised that they would release it first in the main region where the PSP is still selling pretty well. But then again, maybe they're hoping to keep momentum going while they can.

    Anyway, I'm not really fussed. The Vita looks decent enough but if I do anything I will probably get a PSP first if they start selling them cheap (never owned one).

      theres also the fact that

      A) They might not be able to make enough for US demand. And Japan isn't going to strain them as much.

      B)If theres any japanese language games. They might not be ported in time for an english release anyways

      C) Japan is there home country its where they always release first

    I'm not quite sure I get why the region releases would be different. For games we need to translate words and stuff, but is there that much for the basic hardware? Was it region locked? Maybe that would add time if it was. Or if they add some random programs for playing media which needs translating, or maybe its just for transport time to get a more even release around the globe (bar japan).

      Total number of units.

      Japan is their biggest market, so they want to release there with the first batch and not run out. Then that extra time will have enough units to launch EU and NA.

    If this isn't region locked, I'll just import off play-asia. I've set my PS3 menu to japanese to play MHP3 online (kanji typing) so I think I'd probably be fine.

      Thanks for reminding me man. I just hope the GPS and stuff works in Australia.

    Wow, with the 3DS kinda bombing, I really thought Sony would take advantage of the situation by having the Vita launch worldwide by Christmas...or at least in more places than just Japan.

    if we all remember how the ipad sales went, they had to delay all other territories to meet the demand in the US. From a business standpoint it's better to put all the products into one territory with a very large market, and work your way around, which would maximise the profit for the specifc area. I dont have anything wrong with this, but it does allow me to put money away, seeing how uni books would undoubtedly become more expensive

    Not. Surprised. At. All.
    I honestly don't mind, either - another coupla months in the launch schedule will give them a little longer to put some awesome titles together for day one. Australia always gets shafted with releases, I always thought a 2011 release was optimistic at best.

    Imagine getting English and Japanese versions of games ready for launch AND having enough units for worldwide, all set for different power sockets on chargers etc....
    So glad I don't do that kinda work. S T R E S S ! !

    This will give us time to see how well it does in Japan and an idea what games will be out and what they'll be like.

    Although a little disappointing it really just gives me more time to save my money to buy it when it comes out along with some games. :)

    could also be because of the financial crisis happening over in USA & Europe atm.

    Probably think it's a bit too volatile, where households would have low discretionary income to justify release it over there in 2011 ... so begin selling it within japan.

    That's probably a strong factor as well

    So by the time it's released in Australia...there'll be a decent library of games to pick from?

    Huzzah! I'm loving the Vita so far, but this means that Final Fantasy Type 0 will be more more likely to release on the PSP when/if it comes to the west...

    it is said that it will release in japan and some asian countries too ...which would be other asian countries

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