Good Old Games Adds EA Classics To Its Catalogue has announced that, over the next couple of months, it will be adding 25 classic EA games to its back catalogue, including classics such as Ultima Underworld, Peter Molyneux's Dungeon Keeper, and Wing Commander: Privateer.

Apparently other classics, such as System Shock and Syndicate aren't available for now, but there is hope for the future.

"While the agreement between Electronic Arts and brings back many acclaimed and well known franchises, it doesn’t include the much anticipated System Shock or Syndicate series at this time," mentioned the GOG statement. "After releasing the first six Electronic Arts classics, will take a break from the concentrated awesome until later in the summer."

Could this be the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship? We certainly hope so.


    Arrrgh! I wet my pants with excitement...until I read Syndicate wasn't on the list.

    I'm roiding up my agents and sending all four with gauss guns to GOG right now.


    So in addition to those three, there is also Crusader: No remorse, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and Magic Carpet, with the other 19 or so yet to be announced?

    I picked up Dungeon Keeper, hopefully DK2 is one of the 19 unnannounced games.

    I'm so getting fired one day for playing games on the job, good thing no-one can see my monitors and my manager works out of Singapore!

      Lol. Do you work at a bank? This situation sounds like a friend of mine.

        Nope, I work in IT though... I never play for more than about 15 minutes at a time though, unless it's dead around the office.

          I'm always worried I'll get into trouble surfing Kotaku and facebook, I don't have the balls to play games at work.

          I still have Dungeon Keeper 2, I installed it recently and had a lan game with a friend. I never played it multiplayer, though I think the combat is a little broken it is lot of fun. I kept possessing a dark knight and killing his imps as they tried to claim land.

    I will buy the hell out of Syndicate when they release it.

    Also wouldn't mind checking out the System Shock series if/when they get on there, I gather I'm missing some awesomeness there...

    Please please please bring out System Shock. I've never had any luck getting it to run on newer systems.

      If I may, I have some advice for you to get them working.

      First System Shock - given its age your best chance would be to run it inside DOSbox (effectively an emulator for ye ol' MSDOS 6 environments).

      You may need to change the configuration file a bit (so it resembles more of a 486) but other than that it should run.

      As for System Shock 2, the main problem is the game will play for a while then completely freeze. The reason for this is the Dark Engine which powers it does not like multi-core systems.

      The solution, start the game then minimise it so you get to the desk top.

      Next, open the task manager and find the system shock 2 (I forget the name of the exe) process.

      Right click on it, then select "Set Afinity..."

      By default, all programs on Windows are allowed access to all processors. Simply clear all the checkboxes and then tick only one (for example, CPU 0) to ensure the process only gets one core.

      To the game, it will think it is only running on a single core (like a P4 and below) system and should not crash.

        There's a P3 computer at my work I am thinking about stealing just so I can play old games on it. I think I even have some SD ram cards

    Wing Commander sounds great, but that System Shock tease just made me feel dissappointed because now I want System Shock 1 & 2 more than anything they listed :-P

    I'm hoping for Privateer 2

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