Gran Turismo 5 Welcomes Back The PSN With An Update

Gran Turismo 5 was just seriously updated, v1.10 of the racing game bringing not just tweaks and fixes, but some new content as well.

Alongside AI improvements and campaign saving changes, GT5 v1.10 introduces online prizes for multiplayer racing, new campaign avatar wardrobe options and, best of all, a streamlined way to buy parts, so you're not stuck going through three menus and waiting 17 minutes just to buy a new trinket for your car.

Swell! It's ready to download now.

GT5 Update 1.10 [Sony]


    Oh nice! I've been waiting for an excuse to get back into GT5!

    Nice but we need some GT5 DLC like Australian cars or new cars such as the aventador

      Mount Panorama even.

      Complete with King of the Mountain Trophy after finishing in 1st of a Bathurst 1000.

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