ICO/Shadow Of The Colossus Is Coming Out September 22 (In Japan)

Fumita Ueda has just tweeted a link to a new site, which shows a release date for both Shadow of the Colossus HD (and presumably ICO). It also shows off what looks to be an awesome box set.

We don't have too many details as of yet, but as soon as we can find someone who can read and translate Japanese, we'll fill you in!


    Rad. Hopefully the AU release will be about this time as well, and not too delayed.

    Release date for the Ico / SotC Collection? Pfft. Who gives a shit about that? :P

      Um, anyone who has actually played either game, since they were AMAZING and probably the best, but most under-rated games for the PS2.

        IT'S A TRAP!

        This is where we separate the Kotaku regulars from the non-regulars...:P

    I really hope that's how it looks for our retail release.

      Yeah it would be a shame if it got a case like GoW collection if japan got it like that.

      It's 3d supported too...

      It would be good to have separate boxes/box arts, but I can't see it happening.

    shadow of the colossus is in my pile of shame, and never played ico, so this will be great, because i really did like SOTC!

    Nice packaging. Hope the western release doesn't get butchered with Sony's awful Classics HD branding.

      The Australian release will at the very least have an ugly oversized rating symbol on it.


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