LunchTimeWaster: ROBOT HOUSE!

Wow. Simply wow. Skinny is a game you must play. A game with production values you'd pay money for on Xbox LIVE or PSN. A game with the kind of tuned mechanics that makes simply messing around in the world fun. It looks great, the sound design is awesome. Simply put, this is a great little game.

I really am in love with Skinny.

Skinny [Newgrounds]


    Is it as much of a rip-off of Limbo as it looks from a first glance?

    I like, not enough time during work hours to play for longer than 20mins but enjoyed it none the less

    That was neat :)

    Definitely very limbo-esque, though.

    yeah, that guy also made the really ( awesome is an inappropriate word) pretty coma game, with similar garphics

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