Metal Gear Solid And ZOE HD Collections Will Be Available On Xbox LIVE/PSN

Metal Gear Solid And ZOE HD Collections Will Be Available On Xbox LIVE/PSN

If you’re anything like me you have accumulated, in your short lifetime, an inordinate amount of garbage – including three copies of all your favourite games as they’re foisted upon you in multiple different special editions. As far as I’m concerned one less box is a good thing, which is why I’m relieved to hear that the upcoming Metal Gear Solid and Zone of Enders HD collections will be available digitally, on Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network.

We’re surprised this wasn’t announced on Konami’s pre-E3 show on Friday, but according to the official Konami website both HD collections will be available on Xbox LIVE and PSN on release day. No idea of pricing yet, sadly.

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  • I don’t care of the price, another or console.
    If it’s Metal Gear or Hideo I’m all over it.
    I even got the MGS Limited Edition Sony Walkman with Peace Walker one of 5 in Aus

  • tsk tsk tsk Mark… Physical Media > Digital Media (no matter how many versions you have of the same game)

    The physical version will probably be about $10 cheaper and you get a manual (maybe, they are becoming scarce now!)

      • With all that money you save by buying physical media instead of digital downloads, you’ll be able to afford to buy a bigger game drawer.

      • So when these drop (let’s just stick with MGS for the time being), if they do these collections properly (Substance & Subsistence), then these are going to get substantially large, they are MGS games remember.

        I await your future self come back and remark, “I have no space on my HDD” instead!!!!

      • PSN has a habit of overpricing digital content, take a look at the recent Prince of Persia trilogy release. Cheaper to get it from ozgameshop.

      • This isn’t Steam we’re talking about here. It’s the PSN/XBL rip-off merchants. Digital will be full RRP, while physical will be discounted both locally (e.g. JB) and online retailers.

        • Of the few times I’ve browsed XBLA their prices generally match Steam and in a few cases been cheaper than (that’s not including sales of any kind)

          • XBL games on demand are almost universally priced at RRP. As are retail PS3 games when they get released on PSN. Occasionally they’ll go on sale, but for the most part they stay at RRP to avoid pissing off the EB’s of the world.

            Trust me, you’ll be able to get this a lot cheaper buy getting the physical version from ozgameshop or play-asia (or even JB who tend to discount by $10-20 at launch) rather than buying the digital version.

          • One thing that should be noted in favour of the digital version – superior loading times to the disc version.

            And then the load times get even better if you have an SSD. *snort*

    • Physical copies pwn digital copies. I used to like getting those demo discs with physical copies – think the Silent Hill demo with MGS. Physical copies also look nice together and I like to get head spins from sniffing the game manual. There’s nothing like owning every game in a series and arranging them on a shelf – eye candy.

      It’s like Real Books > E-books.

  • Digital copies means I don’t have to get out my precious physical copies to use, or in this case, bust out the PS2 either.

    Plus, it’s on PS3!


  • I had a go on Peacewalker last night and was completely blown away at howe awful the loading times and controls are -how did this game score so highly?

    It really hammered home how much I need a new PSP without UMD and with decent dual sticks -bring on NGP!

    ps: anyone in perth want to buy my, like new, used only once, copy of Peacewalker?

    • Yeah I got it too and was like AGH! I love MGS 3 but playing with those controls was way to painful. Now that they’re doing the ps3 version with dual stick support I’m like GAH! So I will end up with a spare copy too…

      • If you two think Peacewalker has bad loading times and controls I’m not sure you’ve played many games on PSP. Peacewalker is like Heaven compared to most everything else on the system 😛

        I know for a *fact* you never played Portable Ops… *those* were terrible controls, haha

  • I just want to say I disliked MGS 4 immensely. With that off my chest . . .

    I want this collection. Badly.


  • I’ve never played either MGS or ZOE…

    I started gaming after they were big and never owned a PS… so maybe.

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