Put Your Detective Skills To Work To Discover Minecraft's Next Features

Minecraft creator Notch announced via Twitter that the new screenshots from Minecraft beta 1.7 contain hidden information about the upcoming update. While Notch referenced only two screen shots and the changelog, Notch posted five pictures total.

One picture was said to be a correction of a previously posted image, one a screenshot taken during daytime to compare lighting. Could these extra images be part of the clue? There's only one way to find out...

This is the original image containing the "error." Note the yellow mark on the left edge of the picture.

"Fixed version"

Daytime shot for comparison

The censored change list. It is rumoured that the bottom line reads "- Removed Herobrine", the roaming ghost-like character said to haunt minecraft's singleplayer game. This could mean the removal of Herobrine from the game even though Notch has declined that he ever existed. Is Minecraft's favourite ghost story coming to and end? Is it just beginning? Or is Notch just stirring up the rumour mill for the hell of it?


    * Removed Herobrine was in update 1.6.6


    It looks like the FOV on the last picture is wider than normal, is that one of the changes he's teasing?

    Definitely says "removed herobrine." I guess he's removing him again?

    That's one persistant ghost.

    In the rightish corner of the daytime one there is a strip of blocks that seem to be cut in half. Hmmmmm

    I might just be fanciful of me but does the light from the torch outside and inside the cave seem a bit softer than usual?

    it looks like the light is casting more of a shadow then normal, thats about the only change i see. but i could just be my cpu =)

    also, looks as if the moon is giving off light maybe?

    At the end of the heavily censored picture it says hit f the world.It is at the right of the pic.F is fog.but i still have no idea

    In the bottom right corner of the daytime one, it looks like there is a sliver of dirt and stone? It may just be a bad angle but it doesn't look like the blocks are lower. And if you compare the blocks next to the closest tree in the daytime shot, it looks smaller than the first block of the tree... Maybe smaller blocks? And in the removed herobrine, since that was also in 1.6.6, on the left of the changelist there is a - next to the removed herobrine, so maybe he's taking out "removed herobrine," so he's actually adding him in.

    i was fiddling with colors on the "fixed" picture and it looks like there is a purple bird about 1/3 down and 2/3 from the left on the image.

    as for the pixelated image it think that the pixels are the key. maybe there is a msg hidden in the coloration

    Theres no moon... u can tell that the first three images are at the same time and from different angles you still cant see the moon. Also the strange object on the side might have somthing to do with it. The moon thing if it is true is most likely for a sort of blood moon terraria type thing

    hey guys i was thinkin and looking And if it helps : evrywhere Are those things:* maybe for ADD
    but by remove herobrin is a - maybe for cancel the remove of herobrine and about that strange lighning maybe some lapis lazuli lights like the redstone lights ? maybe
    say what you think about my ideas i will stay online on the site for a whyle so awnser me about my ideas

    this is what i think the strange light is a lantern they bin trying to add and when they say removeing herobrine it to keep the mystery to the game and if u look closly you can see a new ore and u should not remove herobrine if you do its a challenge

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